Where I am at sometimes, it does get painful, tiresome and even boring… Like the Israelites in the wilderness. They were tired, sick of eating the same manna day-in and day-out and wearing the same clothes for 40 yrs (Can somebody say boring?) But, where God has brought me from pales in comparison and I know that he has snatched me from the hands of death and losing my mind countless times and probably more times that I am not even aware of. Trust me there are plenty of graves back out there in the world and I would be cold and buried in my own. I know that God called me out of the world to serve a specific purpose and to do his will. The world is O.V.E.R.R.A.T.E.D because the life I have now is exactly what I was praying for while I was out in the world. The Israelites were praying for God to deliver them from their oppressors and once he did, they began to complain and murmur and that is why they were kept out of the Land of Promise. This December Lord willing I will be 40 yrs old and I will not have wandered in this life for 40 yrs and not get all of what God has promised me.

Much of it I already possess but God says to me that if I come up higher, he will bless me more than I could have ever thought or imaged. So Egypt you can keep your leeks, onions and quail and I will eat this manna of daily counting my blessings until I am residing in the home that I won t have to build and eat from the vineyards that I did not have to plant. God gave me a promise and I shall see it and the fruits of my labor in faith come to pass. IF YOU CAN GLEAN FROM THE THINGS THAT I WRITE, I AM GLAD TO HEAR IT BECAUSE MANY OF YOU MSG ME AND SPEAK A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT, BUT THIS IS ALSO MY WAY OF SPEAKING AND PRAISING THINGS INTO EXISTENCE AND TO HAVE A RECORD BEARING MY DECLARATION… U MAY NOT READ IT NOW, BUT WHEN I AM FULLY COME INTO THAT MANIFESTATION, U MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO ALWAYS REACH ME BUT U WILL BE ABLE TO COME TO MY PAGE AND FIND ENLIGHTENMENT.


Bad Blood…

The first thing to go in any relationship albeit business or personal is the communication when the relationship deteriorates and sours.

God is saying that He gives us His Word and by doing so, He is contractually obligated to honor it – In other word – Bound.  God Almighty is bound by one thing and ONE thing only – His Word.  The God who is perfect in all of His ways, has repented from an act of wrath against His creation because one of His creation asked Him to repent.

We have the power to our own deliverance.  The God that can do anything but fail will not go back on His word; however, if you do not know His word to speak back to Him, then your trump card is invalid.

“I’m not speaking to you or I’m not speaking to them”.  The vein of communication has become clogged with a plaque that has built up over time and it will kill you if left untreated; the stent needed to relieve the obstruction and the pressure that promotes healing is Christ Jesus.  He is the pathway between you and God that restores the blood flow of communication.

Have you ever noticed when you are elated and you have joy and peace that you are a tidbit chattier?  You are talkative and more apt to share your good news with a total stranger and anyone who would listen, but it’s even better when you share it with someone that shares in your Joy.

If you’re not careful, Life will catch your tongue. I’m not sure why it is that when we are hurting most, we shut down, we stop talking to everyone – including God.  And God is the one person who we should tell all of our business to.  He is the Word and never runs out of them to bless your life.  Pain rocking your body?  It’ll make you crawl up into a ball and remain in silence but Jesus said to say that, “By His stripes we are healed”.

When Job was attacked in every area of his life, He and his friends sat for seven days straight without uttering a mumbling word, and that entire time, he was left bound to his misery.  It’s not until he opened up and cleared the air with God that God began to also clear the air with him.  If you talk to God, no matter the pain, hurt, trouble or discomfort – He will speak back to you.

When He speaks with you, it’s because He heard you; and when He hears you, you know you will get an answer because the blood of Christ alone makes intercessions for you.

One thing that you don’t want to have between you and God is “Bad Blood”; a beef, bitterness or hostility; either with God or God with you.

A disability, a divorce, blindness or a bad day; are no excuse for you to not seek God.  If you do, then you are cursed and bound to a life of mundane drudgery; because only in God is where all the possibilities lie.

Everyone is equal in God’s sight because everyone gets the same opportunity to trust God and to believe.

He no longer accepts the blood sacrifices of bulls, goats, sheep, pigeons and turtle doves.

God is so awesome that He changes but still remains exactly the same.  He is the same God of both Moses and Joshua, however, with Moses He led by a rod, a form of corporal punishment and correction and Moses and the Children of Israel who were rebellious didn’t make it into the Promised Land, but Joshua was given only God’s Word as guidance, God’s assurance that “As He was with Moses, so shall He be with Him”. And with God’s Word alone both Joshua and the descendants of the Children of Israel entered into the Promised Land.

Moses saw God face-to-face and came-up short of His promise.  Joshua took the Word of God alone and entered into the Promised Land.  God’s Word says, “Jesus saith unto him, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed [are] they that have not seen, and [yet] have believed.”

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My Spidey Senses Are Tingling, Literally!

David went out and fought Goliath because he knew that it wasn’t his day to die. He fought the giant in faith because he knew that he had only been anointed King, and hadn’t actually been crowned King of Israel (In other words, God’s Promise hadn’t fully manifested itself), therefore, he wouldn’t die on the battlefield that day and he could be confident that what he believed God for would have to come to pass. Sometimes all we have is our belief in what God told us and nothing else. Oftentimes there is nothing left for us to grasp a hold to other than God’s faithfulness – His Word. We trust in knowing that God is faithful; and that is what we cling to in order to keep holding on until He blesses us. It may only be a thin thread, nearly invisible as a spider’s web, but as with most spider’s web, we are walking in it long before we ever saw it appear. God gives us His Word – Literally, because He wants to be taken at His Word – Literally. You may have run out of every reason on why you should not give up and have every excuse on why not to keep pressing; you may very well have to exhaust your bag of tricks of coping before you do as Jacob and grab hold to the Lord until He blesses you!

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Get your focus and footing back by taking your mind off of your problems and putting them solely on the problem solver who is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Many of us can do the unthinkable, the unimaginable and the impossible if we would only trust God, His impeccable timing and His intentional plan and purpose for our lives.

We get distracted by the storms that surround us and totally forget that Jesus was the one that called us out here in the storm. He was already in it before we got called to it, in it while we are enduring it, and will pull us out before we are overtaken; or should He so choose, speak to the storm and cease it from being… Either way, He has us covered.

We must remain focused if we are going to do what others have not seen since the day of Jesus Christ and that is to walk on water in our spirit! I’m not getting back in the boat, I’m going to walk hand-in-hand with Jesus back to shore!

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Relax Nigga… Gang Bang.

I do love how we did it, as one, snatched the word and taste right out of their mouths – the word Nigga.

Sorry, but we had to take nigga and destigmatize the sting of it.  We allowed you use of it and cracker you had the nerve to use it on every one of us.  Yeah, I said cracker, like you say nigga.  We don’t call every black person a nigga, but when they act unwise or unknowledgeable, then you wear the dunce cap aka nigga.

Some white folks know some straight up crackers; those the ones  that I am talking about – they act real niggerish at times; that’s in your family, that’s some of the people you know, that’s America and that’s a fact of life.

Destigmatization has to be the mentality regarding every stereotype associated to us as a race(s).  We are classified as race(s) for a specific reason.  If we are all Americans, then why are we keeping up with who’s who?   As you can see, African-Americans were built with pure athleticism.  Head-starts are given to those who we know that we can beat.

Am I saying white folk are inferior? – Of course not.  To go mono-e-mono with Great Britain showed grit.  Those crackers could fight – From the Founding Fathers and on down to their descendants.  If you list me in your Constitution as chattel, nigger, or a form of property, then you are debasing me and calling me out of my name.  Oh so we using fighting words now? We hitting below the belt? Name calling and such.  Ok, so now we know the Rules of Engagement; it’s a Golden Rule right?

But niggas… Is that all that we are going to snatch?  Is that all we want?  God said to speak life – What do you think He meant?  He already told you to use your words, speak them into the atmosphere and then snatch them back out of that same atmosphere – freedom, justice, peace, prosperity, equality, and The American Way.

To snatch something means to: quickly seize in an eager way.

Racism has a root cause – race.  You really want to know if you are a racist.  If true equality was possible (and it is), would you be all for it?  Do you feel some type of way about another race of people come along side of you and there wasn’t a head-start given to either?  If you do, then you are a racist.  You don’t have racist tendencies or “qualities”, as though they were admirable, but you are fully a racist.

Now what?  Exactly!  Somebody knows where the little wooden square cubed with a number one on it is, because that’s where we are back to – Square one.

We Gang Bang.  Not Piru or Crips, but we all claim a sect in America.  As with gangs, a lot of banging goes on because we are “USA Country” strong.  We know that we are in this together – we just need to act like it.

You are so about your sect, your political affiliation, but you can cross over the aisle to get what you want.  Party lines are blurred every day for the given reasons of love or hate.  We are a Nation of Americans, and this Country hasn‘t ever been that of pure white and pure black.  There is much loving going on in America behind closed doors apparently – mulatto-ly speaking.

America is a controlled experiment and the Earth it’s controlled environment; sort of like prison.  You ever wonder why the prison population cannot just do their time without all of the violence.  Life on the inside goes on just as it does on the outside of the gated community.  We as both humans and Americans respond the exact same way; some do hard time, a life of poverty; while others do federal time, and life with a little more freedom, and a few more perks – it’s still time.  Prisoners wear uniforms to identify themselves; white waist-length lab coats with M.D. stitching, the men and women in blue and tailored suits with desk placards that read esquire or P.A. – You gang-banger you… End gang-banging and we end who we are as Americans.

It’s not just when the South rises but when we all rise as Americans that we can truly become The United States of America.  United we stand, united we fall.  “One Nation, under God (Uh Oh!), indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All” – In other words… Snatch it! We aren’t using words against any one sect; in fact, claim your sect – Republican, Democrat, Independent, Black, White, or Brown, or the likes thereof, it’s the same America.  Let’s just make sure that it’s inclusive of all Americans.  America is the land of Free trade, free market, Freedom and a Free-For-All – Right?

They are just colors… Red, White and Blue…  No matter the arrangement on a flag – America – still the land of the Red, White and Blue – It’s the sect we represent – Right?

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Broke As A Joke… Broke Is The New Rich. Don’t Be A Mannequin & Go All Hollywood…

Broke As A Joke… Broke Is The New Rich. Don’t Be A Mannequin and Go All Hollywood…

I just don’t, I don’t understand how the world has contortioned itself into an unrecognizable society.  Broke has become the “New Rich”.   We are allowing the people of the poorest reputations and spirit; dictate to us what it is that life is all about and “they” are the ones getting rich.

How can we now be taking advice from the ones that were once just a few “likes and views” in need of advice themselves, and now they are prescribing dosages of cure-alls that are causing a pandemic of overdoses in self-depredation? We are no longer trying to head off an epidemic; and so this social media disease has created a multitude of quacks and self-dosing false guru’s, with a certification in self-aggrandizement – In other words, the blind-leading-the-blind and this entire world is falling into the ditch.

If the person’s spirit you are receiving advise or counseling from doesn’t reflect success in the area that you are pursuing their consultation for, then what exactly can they really tell you or offer you that will create the life that you are so desperate in need of that you are seeking outside help?  If all they have is money – that’s not success.  They are still Broke As A Joke, and the joke is going to be on you.  They leave with the blessing and you leave with the blessing plan.

This goes for people inside and outside of the faith.  Stardom is just that – Star-Dumb phonically speaking.

People of a broken spirit have a testimony, we all do, but that doesn’t constitute that they know best.  And maybe you just need to accept the lesson and decipher the difference between broke and broken.

A divorced person can only navigate you on how to overcome the devastation of divorce.  A divorced and re-married person can counsel you on how to get over the hurt and on to another life.

The Mannequin Challenge had its time… And it has passed.  If you take anything from that, take that it is passe.

Role Models are nothing more than mannequins.  Just because it fits on the mannequin doesn’t mean that it will be tailored to who you are.  Try on life in God for yourself, and when He blesses you, don’t go all Hollywood; and it will bespoken HOT!

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24/7… All In A Days Work. Open For Your Convenience.

We all get the same amount of time; the same twenty-four hours in a day and seven days a week.  However, the successful cannot seem to find enough time in the day and others find themselves having more hours in a day that they care to have.  Why?  Because time used productively is the difference between times passing by or time simply passing.

Utilization of our time is best served, serving God and one another.  Time serving another’s agenda is time serving them and we become frustrated living in a life of defeat.

Life can be as open or as closed as we trust God to keep our storehouses of convenience stocked and ready to be a purveyor of His agenda.

Our best life is All In A Days Workliterally.

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