Why You Mad? Even Swap Ain’t No Swindle – Right?

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If you were under the guise that just because these “leagues” are opting to pay players for their participation in a sport, and were not involved in a new form of slavery, then you are clueless and out-of-touch with the real world.

Ain’t nothing new up under the sun – Solomon told us that.  The majority of players in any major league are mostly black, and primarily a minority, if he is not of black descent. And as black face once entertained those not of the minority persuasion, but rather the majority; now Negroes with eye black strewn up underneath their eyes, running up and down the field or a parquet court is just a newer and improved version.

Hey – At least they’re paying this time around, but do not fool yourself into thinking that you are somehow on their level or that they respect you – They own you – that still hasn’t changed.  You signed on the dotted line signifying that for “x” amount of dollars you were willing to have your bones broken, to have concussions and to attempt to hide the symptoms, as to not sit our a series; to be knocked unconscious and to go against a fellow brother donning an opposing color, and have aggression towards him so much so, that you want to do physical harm to him because that is what massa – pardon me – the owner desires of you.

Django, Mandingo, and the entire league of participators are all one in the same.  They once snatched babies from crying mother’s arms to auction off, now mothers are bringing their babies willingly and without any provocation to Pop Warner camps hoping that one day, their baby will be selected into the elite class of the Free Negro because he can produce his or her papers (contracts); and we are so proud.  They no longer have to cross oceans to replenish their supply for the high demand.  Men are lining up, self-greasing to show their muscles and physical prowess – or as they like to classify it now as “physicality”, and even taking classes to learn how to speak better English, because we all know that a “black” who can articulate himself is worth even more.

Black men are still being auctioned off on the auctioneer’s stage every draft class.  They demonstrate at the Combine or Senior Day, proving that they are the greatest and prolific buck – I mean athlete to be selected to the best plantation – Oops! I meant to say – Team.  So then – Why are you mad?  An even swap ain’t no swindle – Right?