And “Honorable Mention” goes to… “A Martyr’s Anthem”

In observance of the looming onslaught of Black History month that will be shortly upon us, I wanted to exorcise the dislike for the recollection and barrage of the same footage cram packed into twenty-eight days; which is one of my disdains for the upcoming calendar month.

A martyr’s death gets an “Honorable Mention”.  Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X and many countless and unnamed individuals came before us and paved the way for where we are now; which is indeed far better than they could have ever imagined for themselves.  They fought hard and many had their lives cut-off early – and taken before they could see the fruition of all of their hard work and dedication of selflessness.  So, I don’t want anyone to think that I take for granted or have minimized the strides that I am able to take from their sacrifice.

From witnessing the life of the common black person from a common black persons view in which I am ever so privy to – many have bought into what society says that we are and what we are capable of achieving.  And it surely won’t be corrected anytime soon by simply cramming 400 years into 28 days give or take someone chooses to catch a CBS special on the Civil War directed by Ken Burns.

Before you start renting your clothes, covering yourselves in sackcloth and ashes, please hear me out.  If our history was taught daily in class, the same as “American History”, we would educate others.  If young White, Hispanic and other nationalities were introduced to us as a people and not us people who were once slaves, their entire take on who we are wouldn’t be as askew and eventually over time they we would be a normal part of history as the The Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria.  Sadly our kids know more about Captain John Smith and Pocahontas rendezvous than they do The Middle Passage.  Therein lays the gap between the slaves and who we are as a people today. We have both learned and been bombarded with their history and ours have been a footnote as the pages of our history turn.  Others simply just don’t know us nor do they care because we don’t care to know who we are – We just want to fit in but we cannot fit in where we think subconsciously that we don’t belong; and where others think that we can’t belong.  They are not comfortable around us because we aren’t comfortable around ourselves, and for lack of knowledge the people perish.

Our history is woven into the tapestry of America, if you flip it over and view it from the back.  You will be able to see all the embroidery and stitching that it took to create such a masterpiece; the time, ability, perseverance, blood, sweat and sheer will of God seeing us through.  However, no one wants to look at the true craftsmanship – they just want to display the front and the intricate artwork, but it just didn’t come by happenstance, though many would want us to fall for that trick of the devil.

I often wonder why God would call the greats home to be with him and leave us with a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.  Not to diminish anything that they have done but truth be told – they are not the Martyrs who changed the climate from cold to warm on our behalf.

We need a complete overhaul of the education system as it pertains to us.  Textbooks are being updated and new editions being created all the time.  If we are really ready to be integrated into a society that has been stand-offish and downright frightened, then I would highly suggest we find and start lobbyist support for the textbooks to be revamped.  We know about Thomas Edison but hardly anything about Vivien Thomas.  Blacks, African Americans, Negroes and even slaves were essential and still are to the life that we all live today.  We must be added to the pages of history in order to be included in history, not just be relegated to their history and “Oh we had some slaves for about 400 years out of our great history, but that didn’t really matter or made a difference in the country that we have become.

America’s story is extraordinarily great but our story is just as impressive because we couldn’t leave in pursuit of a better life and freedom of religion as others did when leaving England.  We didn’t have that type of leverage, leeway or latitude – No Sir! – We had to get our freedom from the gristle and man-up.  Now that is some power, tenacity, endurance and faith; and what folk don’t want us to know.

If our history was taught daily we wouldn’t have the inherent need to draw sympathizes or empathizers but a people and a culture that understand exactly who we are and be amazed at how much we shaped the world – in spite of.  Sort of like how we are taught “American History” and fight daily within ourselves that black lives matter.

My people and moreover – my God existed long before any people were enslaved.  We weren’t the first nor shall we be the last.

Stories of Selma, The Butler and Glory should be told but after educating everyone on the facts from an educational standpoint in order to keep everyone honest and actively participating in making a better America.  Then people wouldn’t feel made to watch movies out of obligation or apologetically but because they want to see a fact that they have read about being reenacted on the silver-screen – they would want to go.

Our people have no connection and no relation to the plights and perils suffered because we have only received snippets and movie trailers of who we are as a people.  We as blacks only get “Honorable Mention” when in actuality we are the story-line.  If others read and learned about us daily they wouldn’t fear us, our color, our differences, our culture, our kids or our past – and our future.

People fear the unknown and no one really knows who we are as “Black America”.  Black America is Black History.

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Mind Under Construction

Some are willing to forgo their walk with Christ in exchange for the lure of an extravagant lifestyle; which makes them somehow believe that money buys happiness, joy, favor, provision, protection and peace.

What are you willing to sell your for?  I grapple daily with myself – for the when – not if the blessing that I am looking for to rise and perch like Kilroy over the horizon of my life and expose itself.

It won’t look anything like I have imagined, until the countless images can no longer be numerated.  But, I will know it when I see it and immerse myself in the experience and life of it.

Life – that’s really all it’s about – Getting to know the one who made us.  When we do that, it creates a relationship that blesses into eternity.  Our life just isn’t about this life but rather, we are walking in order to be found worthy of that next life.  We know one thing for sure, if nothing else, life has taught us this one thing: Life is coming to an abrupt end – because we don’t know the day, or the time, or the hour.

I chose you Lord daily over my flesh and vainful wants.  As long as I have you – I have all that I need.

I admonish everyone to slay their flesh daily in order to keep focus on what really matters – Our faith walk with Christ.

As Christians, if we proclaim and plead the Blood of Christ Jesus, we cannot ever allow ourselves to become comfortable with thinking that we deserve or are owed anything.

If we believe the tenants of our faith, then we have entered into this covenant because Christ died for us and that God so love us – First!  This relationship is based solely on God’s love for us and our love for him in return.  Is that not enough?

That question can only be answered individually – not corporately.

Church is good – Our relationship with Christ is the most important.

Blessings are wonderful to have bestowed – Salvation is free – However, discipleship is priceless – We can’t afford to purchase what God has already given us FREE OF CHARGE.



‪#‎YOLO This is my motto! My trust isn’t in myself but in the God that I serve and then I mix my faith with his word (Scripture) and I know his word won’t return to him void but will accomplish that which he sent it. God is faithful!

Psalms 25:20 O keep my soul, and deliver me: let me not be ashamed; for I put my trust in thee.

Psalms 31:1 In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness.

Psalms 31:17 Let me not be ashamed, O LORD; for I have called upon thee: let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave.

Mind Teaser

I m sort of influx – I keep having memories of a life that I am some what vaguely connected to as Aeon Flux’s character. I know that God has something else for me and it for me to challenge myself to believe what he says versus what my surroundings tell me; that this is all there is to life, when I know better. I have experienced better and my God is better. God isn’t stagnate or stale but fresh and ever-so mind-blowing that he is steadily evolving but yet remains the same – never changing (what a mind-teaser).

I m sort of influx - I keep having memories of a life that I am some what vaguely connected to as Aeon Flux's character.  I know that God has something else for me and it for me to challenge myself to believe what he says versus what my surroundings tell me; that this is all there is to life, when I know better.  I have experienced better and my God is better.  God isn't stagnate or stale but fresh and ever-so mind-blowing that he is steadily evolving but yet remains the same - never changing (what a mind-teaser).

It’s Complicated

We see it on social media all the time – “It’s Complicated”.    Meandering daily relationships takes some kind of a special skill because you have some many types of personalities to traverse from the time we enter this earth – parents, friends, siblings, teachers, bosses, and even passersby.  People are testy and fickle and for that matter – so are we.   The one relationship that I work the hardest at it not being complicated is the one that I have with God; because it is only a one-sided complication.  God’s good from where he sits – It is me who needs to get aligned with what his word says and then there will be any complications.  If you tag your relationship “complicated”, then that is how you see it, the partner in question sees it and the world itself sees it because that is what you deemed it to be.  Some think that their life walk with God is “complicated”.  Are you in a relationship with God or not?  Make a decision and live with it.


Heaven’s Vault

Everybody’s not going to get rich nor is everybody meant to be rich.  Lord knows that I could take a little more… a lot more in fact.  But I have learned over my years on this earth that favor and blessing extend further than paper dollar bills, but the favors and blessings of God see into my future and know what I will stand in need of at a later date, be it money, health or relationally.  We should do our level best to store up blessings in heaven by doing not only what is good and right, but also by what and how we would have someone to treat us.  Give someone a ride in your hoopty or Benz, give someone a dollar even if you know all they are going to do is buy another beer, take your old clothes to the church drive give-a-way or local Goodwill; or perhaps feed a homeless person.  Store up your treasures in heaven and not in some bank account that may draw interest but God’s interest covers so much more than you could ever expect.  God’s accounting is more mysterious than our kids “new math” but his distribution of funds are always right on time – and in the needed areas of our life; the areas where money is worthless such as a death or heavy heart.  Heaven’s vault never runs out, it only runs over.

open vault

I Promise You This…

I promise you this… Many of us have heard these words and the person’s promise didn’t come to fruition – it was empty.  When God gives us a promise – his promise, he will do it!  We just have to wait for it to come to pass.  John the Baptist was the greatest but Jesus Christ was the promise.  Ruth was either married to Mahlon or Chilion but we don’t remember either of their names because the promise was for Jesus to come from the root of Jesse “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse”.  Boaz is who begat Obed and he birthed Jesse, the father of David.  Jacob got Leah but he was promised Rachel.  Ishmael was loved by Abraham but Isaac was the promise.  The disciples were gathered in one place with one accord but that didn’t give them the strength to birth the Christian ministry – it took the promise of the Holy Spirit to come that enabled them to do something that would bless us all.  Wait for the promise of God – they will surely come.broken promise