The Cage!

I used to work the voter’s poll but it stressed me out mentally and my mother-in-law who was the reason that I started working the polls in the first place, just couldn’t understand my frustration.  In my attempts to explain to her that it felt like being on lock-down or in jail both physically and mentally yet she still didn’t understand why I just wasn’t going to do it again.  Sitting there for 10 hours unable to leave and only eating what someone brings in and having to socialize with people who I would rather not talk to, let alone interact with drove me bonkers! But, then the moment of eureka came and realized that she has never been down to the pokey or the big house aka to jail – but I have and who in their right mind would put themselves into incarceration for money.  To be caged, isolated and deprived of the freedom to come and go as I please, eat what I want and be personable to whomever I chose to or not.  I have felt this same way when it came to God – Caged! I had lived my life not really seeking to please God or to live more righteously, just doing my own thing and I felt caged like an animal but when I chose to walk with God and trusting him to make the way – the door to the cage swung open and life began to happen for me in ways that I never thought I would be blessed.  Many are living in a zoo because not only are they caged but their families for generations have lived a life of a 6×9 existence and I refuse to accept that the only life I can have is one that restricts my movements or progress.  Docile spirituality – I refuse to learn to get used to.  God says I can go beyond the confinement of lack of any kind and live a liberated life in him.  The door to the cage has always been unlocked but it was my mind that made me think that I couldn’t break free.



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