It’s Complicated

We see it on social media all the time – “It’s Complicated”.    Meandering daily relationships takes some kind of a special skill because you have some many types of personalities to traverse from the time we enter this earth – parents, friends, siblings, teachers, bosses, and even passersby.  People are testy and fickle and for that matter – so are we.   The one relationship that I work the hardest at it not being complicated is the one that I have with God; because it is only a one-sided complication.  God’s good from where he sits – It is me who needs to get aligned with what his word says and then there will be any complications.  If you tag your relationship “complicated”, then that is how you see it, the partner in question sees it and the world itself sees it because that is what you deemed it to be.  Some think that their life walk with God is “complicated”.  Are you in a relationship with God or not?  Make a decision and live with it.



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