Mind Under Construction

Some are willing to forgo their walk with Christ in exchange for the lure of an extravagant lifestyle; which makes them somehow believe that money buys happiness, joy, favor, provision, protection and peace.

What are you willing to sell your for?  I grapple daily with myself – for the when – not if the blessing that I am looking for to rise and perch like Kilroy over the horizon of my life and expose itself.

It won’t look anything like I have imagined, until the countless images can no longer be numerated.  But, I will know it when I see it and immerse myself in the experience and life of it.

Life – that’s really all it’s about – Getting to know the one who made us.  When we do that, it creates a relationship that blesses into eternity.  Our life just isn’t about this life but rather, we are walking in order to be found worthy of that next life.  We know one thing for sure, if nothing else, life has taught us this one thing: Life is coming to an abrupt end – because we don’t know the day, or the time, or the hour.

I chose you Lord daily over my flesh and vainful wants.  As long as I have you – I have all that I need.

I admonish everyone to slay their flesh daily in order to keep focus on what really matters – Our faith walk with Christ.

As Christians, if we proclaim and plead the Blood of Christ Jesus, we cannot ever allow ourselves to become comfortable with thinking that we deserve or are owed anything.

If we believe the tenants of our faith, then we have entered into this covenant because Christ died for us and that God so love us – First!  This relationship is based solely on God’s love for us and our love for him in return.  Is that not enough?

That question can only be answered individually – not corporately.

Church is good – Our relationship with Christ is the most important.

Blessings are wonderful to have bestowed – Salvation is free – However, discipleship is priceless – We can’t afford to purchase what God has already given us FREE OF CHARGE.



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