By Invitation Only

Did you ask God for the ability to walk on the water, like Peter, and when he told you to “Come” as he did Peter, you started off on good faith and then found yourself sinking?  If it wasn’t in the cards for Peter to walk on the water then I think that Jesus would have simply told him that it wasn’t for him, as he told James and John when they asked could either of them sit on his left or his right when he went to Heaven.  There wasn’t much that Jesus didn’t perform when asked point-blank for a blessing and one would think that if walking on water – defying gravity and nature would have been one of those “no” times but all Jesus said was ”Come”.  Now had Peter stepped out onto the water without permission, it is fair to say that he might not have had the success that he did but when Jesus bid him to do as he had requested, there was nothing that stopped him except his faith.  Miracles are giving on a case-by-case basis but it is also given at the Lord’s discretion and it is “By Invitation Only”.  If he told you to “Come” then just keep on walking!

by invitation only



Fatigue is the antithesis of Faith.  Lord only knows where I would be right now mentally had I not had hope in “something” else other than where I currently am right now.  Where I am is where I prayed to be and I am both thankful and grateful for all that God has done however if all that I am going to receive is already in existence – then it would be pointless to continue on in faith – and a complete and utter miserable state of existence entirely.  My God is not into cruel and unusual punishment – though sometimes we tend to think that he is attempting to kill us.  The Bible mentions growing weary often and his word is admonishing and warning of what is – and what is to come.  If the great and deep things of God were so easily accessible everyone and their Mother would have all they ever wanted and satisfactorily full in spirit and body; but that is not the case.  All things that come from God are released at his discretion.  For some he accelerates the process – while others have to take the long route – but his promises are still “Yea and Amen” for all that seek him.  The struggle is indeed real – but so are his blessings.



Searching for the blessings and promises of God will send us on a journey and if we are not careful, we will find ourselves in search of facts. Fact finding can dissuade your faith-walk and then sends you on a wild goose chase to find something that isn’t for us to figure out but rather walk out by faith. Ask yourself a really serious question and then answer it. Am I on a fact-finding mission or are you walking by faith? If you could figure it out, it wouldn’t be called faith but rather a scavenger hunt. God will give us clues as to how best to navigate our walk but it must be by faith. “For faith is the substance of things hoped for; and the evidence of things not seen”. If you can see it coming down the pipeline then what is coming aren’t those deep things of God that only can be revealed by his spirit. Our valuables that are most dear to us are not readily accessible to anyone who may enter our house as a guest or looky-loo but only those close to us are made privy to the where our cache of family heirlooms and valuables are kept safe from thieves and prying eyes. Our enemy has come that he might steal, kill and destroy. God is much aware of the tricks and snares of the enemy. Quite honestly, I am thankful that he didn’t give me anything that I truly desired until I was able to understand somewhat of his reasoning’s behind why he does the things that he does because had I received them earlier – I would be bankrupt spiritually and left destitute of all blessings that he would have bestowed because I didn’t understand faith, his character or the process. Trust that the Father knows best – that is the only fact worth finding out.