Destitute: A state of being without friends, money or prospects.
Destitution is a very tough situation to be in.
Bring your brow down a tad-bit, level off your nose from sitting too far in the air and extend your hand to someone less fortunate than you. And don’t make them have to ask or beg for your assistance all the time. Instead – Give to those who you see in need (at least sometimes), without them having to come up to you and ask. Leave them with some respect and dignity. God does and has done the same for us on many occasions when we don’t have the strength, good sense; or lack the faith to ask. But we can build someone else’s faith by one random act of kindness. Say, “God Bless you or God laid it on my heart to do thus and so for you”. What a difference it makes in two lives – ours and theirs.
“Ask and it shall be given”. “Give and it shall be given unto you”. These are two different commandments. There are times when we are need and we must do the asking. Other times we are in the position to give. There was no stipulation to the who, whom or what we are to give because giving comes from the heart. Oftentimes, those worse off than we are; or even we ourselves know not what to ask, who to ask or how or when to ask. Give when you feel that slight tug on your heart or in your spirit. Don’t ignore an opportunity to glorify God and store one up in the heaven’s bank of credit, to be withdrawn from at a later date; because we all are going to need to take a withdrawal at one time or another – possibly for an extended period of time.
“I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg bread”. I myself have never seen one person say “No Thanks, I don’t need this help or that blessing”. On the same token I have never seen someone tell God, “I don’t need your blessings”.
Just because you don’t have the same or as great of a need as someone else; don’t dismiss their plight so easily, but realize that if it hadn’t been for the grace of God – where might you be?


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