The Yo-Yo Experience

It’s amazing how God can take one thing and bring revelation by it; and it seemed that neither had anything to do with the other. Everyone knows I’ve been trying to shed a few pounds and it hasn’t been necessarily hard, but I had to be committed and dedicated to my walking. I cannot always eat what is best for me but I can make better choices from what I do have. No knock against anyone who has had the weight loss surgery because I tried my darnedest to have it done myself, but I know now what I didn’t know then; and that is that I would have squandered it and quite possibly regained all the weight and then some; because I would not have valued the blessings because I didn’t have to work for it. The time in effort that I put in to my walking makes me appreciate the poundage lost and I can see the work put in = my weight loss goals. At first it didn’t appear that I was losing inches, let alone pounds but I persevered in spite of what I saw. Faith without works is dead and now I get it! I could have wanted those pounds to fall off but until I got up and started moving, they would have stayed right where they were because weight loss without exercise of some sort – will not happen. We must exercise our faith! Had I not found myself on this journey I might have thought that I was doing all that I could to better myself, when in fact, there was some participation on my part to live a better life. I have yo-yoed on many diets but I have not been as successful as I have this time sans the dieting, because I didn’t t look for a quick fix but accepted my responsibility. In God we trust, but are you doing your part? Are you exercising your faith to obtain your goals?



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