A Psalm of Yolanda

Without the Bible where would we be? My guess is – clueless as to how to walk in the Lord. Nevertheless, it is a model for us to live out the pages for ourselves and not simply quote what others have done; and we not have a personal testimony of our own. We quote Psalm 23 as if it were we ourselves that walked in “green pastures” and I have never once saw a shepherd – although we interpret it metaphorically; I want my own Psalm to tell how good the Lord is to me. We must make our walk with God personal and not live vicariously through others’ lives. If you have never seen a rod and staff, then how can it comfort you – personally? We say that the Lord’s Prayer is simply a model for how we ought to approach prayer. Ok then, if so, the Bible itself is a model for how we ought to approach life itself – right? This isn’t an attempt to blaspheme or discount one jot or tittle of the Bible; however, I want to take the Lord’s word and apply it directly to MY life. I don’t want my life to be figuratively spoken but literal in every sense of the word!

(A Psalm of Yolanda)
God is my Father, I lack in no area of my life. He guides me through the pages of my life in order that I may know that he is the author and finisher of my faith.
My soul at times faint but because of the God that I serve, when I praise him, I regain my strength. And because he is faithful to his Word, I can trust where he leads me – he is faithful.
There have been times throughout my life when death seemingly was eminent; either by another’s hand or my own. I almost buckled up underneath so much pressure but your word replenished my spirit; you never left my side. In other times I caused my own detriment because I thought that I knew better than you; and when correction came I did not welcome it at first, but I have learned that you only correct those you love and who will adhere to your Word; which only blessed me the more. My greatest enemy is not from any outside sources but from within; and yet you still care for my every need.
When Pastor touched my hands with oil, I knew that it was significant and I that I had received clearance to do your will with boldness and confidence; and I have been blessed abundantly with destiny.
You have been with me as long as I can look back over my life and I know surely that I can trust you for my future. I look forward to the life that comes after this one. I was blessed when I came into this world and I will be blessed in the next one to follow – because you have and will always be with me.


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