Soap Box Rant

I’m on my soapbox and I won’t climb down until I have gotten what is on my chest OFF! Psssst… Nigga’s, Nigger’s, Negroes, Black folk, African American and Brown folk… You can take offense but you are what you are, because we have never corrected the behavior and pathology that will forever eradicate the stigma. They say, “one drop makes you one of us”, so if you are any ways relatable to our plight as a people – please hear me! We have not yet overcome and neither have we accomplished all that our forefather’s originally set out to do. So why is that we have settled or taken a false sense of comfort ability; and a back-seat to our own growth as a people? Better yet – why have we allowed the gay movements hitch itself to our Civil Rights? Have you ever wondered why they chose us to be associated with? And they are surely not of the same vein. Because we have a power source that we have not yet tapped fully, but is recognizable to others who want to get things DONE! I haven’t seen one gay 12 year old boy holding a gun and police shoot them, a couple driving away from the cops and having their vehicle riddled with bullets and when they finally do come to a stop – an officer jump on the hood and empties another several rounds into them. Neither have I seen a gay teenager stalked for walking in his Father’s neighborhood by some rouge vigilante and gunned down, nor have seen a car full of gay teenager’s be accosted and one of them shot for having their music turned up too loud. The list goes on and on and here we are taking up the fight for other’s when we have yet made progress in our own injustices. We as a people always take the backseat – literally! Am I saying that gay’s don’t have rights? Of course I am not saying that. God gives each of us a choice and a will that we can either submit to him or not.
Why is it that we cannot recognize that we are a chosen people? We and the Jew’s are the only people who were oppressed and not brought out by an Army because we didn’t have one nor any real chance to be emancipated and freed, except that our God did it! God allowed our enemies to fight against each other (on our behalf without understand why they were really doing it), and we walked away free, though not free of casualties, but significantly less than either side (for or against us). God did it several times for the Jews; and I will site a scripture for reference: 2 Chronicles 20:17-25. God will confuse the enemy but now it appears that we are the ones confused. We have forgotten God – believing that we delivered ourselves. Not!
And now we are going to allow our triumph through God be reduced to a movement that God is not even for. There was a price to be paid for freedom and those that came before us sought God and he delivered on that covenant.
Our children are being lost at an alarming rate and our people being persecuted in the penile system and such, racially profiled and still in need of Affirmative Action programs because we have reneged on our part to keep God first.
We have sold out and we didn’t even get to the Land of Promise. There was and hopefully still is so much more that God has for us but we have got to be self-interest – not selfish – and be concerned with our Father’s business once again, if we want to see it. We have stopped short of success because we have been infiltrated from the outside in- we befriend any and every one (at our expense). This attack is meant to divide and conquer and it is working. Perhaps the reason being is because we think that we know better than God but our status in society reflects that we know nothing at all – apart from him.
My words aren’t a rant but rather a call to arms to get our people back on track to where God was intending to take us, and we cannot get there without him.
If your feathers are ruffled – Good! If you are offended – I can understand but I must speak what God has put in my heart regardless of how YOU feel about it! Time upon this earth is growing shorter by the day and the days of my life grow even shorter and I must be about my Father’s business while there is still time and the light of day because there is a time coming when it grows dark out and no man can work. God Bless!
soapbox 2


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