No one has it all together out of the starting gate with God. Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.
God wants us to first consider him in our lives. After consideration of who God is; he wants us to learn to trust him and have faith in his word, but we cannot do that without then respecting the power of who he is. If you do not respect a person, you won’t believe anything that they say, nor give any validity to what they are saying.
Faith comes from having experienced God keeping his word, time-after-time and our respect for him grows.
His trust in us increases from us now choosing to do less of the those things that “we” want to do; it’s not “a” thing because we fall short of his glory daily, but those who love him try do more of what pleases God and not what displeases him. We learn to count the cost of what we want to do versus how this glorifies God in the matter. God is concerned about people who are concerned about what he is concerned about.
Once we stop being Hell-Bent on doing things our own way – Literally and Figuratively speaking – We learn to lean on God for direction and his favor in whatever matter that arises – thus walking with God and receiving his blessings.
He keeps telling us that it’s not that much to this faith walk. “Why is it so easy to believe in Hell and not in Heaven?” Same question but different context – “Why is it so hard to accept the worst in life and not simply trust that God will keep his word and bless us to be a blessing, and to never leave nor forsake us?” Your answer to that question will give you some guidance and gauge where you are with God. Are you Hell-bent on doing things your way or have you made up your mind to trust God in spite of ANY situation?


“Do The Incredible!”

HULK1Hulk enthusiasts know that the Hulk struggles with “hulking-out” and trying to not have many days of “incident”. Although the paradox between the two is that the Hulk likes being the Hulk, once he goes ahead and does what is now natural and apart of who he is. God has called us to be “Incredible” and do great exploits but many put too many days between incidents of the last time they did anything great for God. The Incredible Hulk is one of, if not, the greatest of Superheroes because the gamma radiation within him basically makes him indestructible and causes him to do incredible things for the good of others. The Holy Spirit within us causes us to have that same indestructibility because we cannot leave here before we accomplish that which God has called us to complete; and we are enabled to do incredible things to God’s Glory. Don’t let too many days of non-incidents go between you and the last time you had an incredible experience in God – for the good of others. In God and for God, we too can do the “Incredible”!


I, God, take you, ?, to be my lawfully wedded(husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.
God takes his vows to us seriously. Where do you think that the idea for marriage between man and woman were constructed? No marriage is good all the time and no relationship with God is a cake walk. Marriage is work and so is the relationship that we are in with Christ.
God is faithful and he expects us to be faithful to him. Sin and faithfulness are two different things. Faithfulness causes us to repent when we sin, so that we get back in right standing with God.
There’s safety, blessings, inheritance, provision, protection and a covenant that is inexplicable between God and someone who has said “I do” to him.
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Waste Not, Want Not…

Don’t miss your blessing by looking for miracles – ALL THE TIME. We are blessed to walk day-in and day-out with God, in his abundant blessings that he gives us daily! Miracles are a special move of God for a specific situation, circumstance, time or need. We walk in the blessings of God all the days of our life; and new mercies are waiting for each of us every morning – you just have to choose to walk in them. Stop wasting what you already have, for something that comes few and far between. No one walks in the miraculous every day. When you see a miracle happening – there will be no question what it is that you are witnessing, why it is happening and from who it comes from – GOD. Your wants are already known by God; just trust him THIS DAY for what is needed. Trust him to be God.