No one has it all together out of the starting gate with God. Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.
God wants us to first consider him in our lives. After consideration of who God is; he wants us to learn to trust him and have faith in his word, but we cannot do that without then respecting the power of who he is. If you do not respect a person, you won’t believe anything that they say, nor give any validity to what they are saying.
Faith comes from having experienced God keeping his word, time-after-time and our respect for him grows.
His trust in us increases from us now choosing to do less of the those things that “we” want to do; it’s not “a” thing because we fall short of his glory daily, but those who love him try do more of what pleases God and not what displeases him. We learn to count the cost of what we want to do versus how this glorifies God in the matter. God is concerned about people who are concerned about what he is concerned about.
Once we stop being Hell-Bent on doing things our own way – Literally and Figuratively speaking – We learn to lean on God for direction and his favor in whatever matter that arises – thus walking with God and receiving his blessings.
He keeps telling us that it’s not that much to this faith walk. “Why is it so easy to believe in Hell and not in Heaven?” Same question but different context – “Why is it so hard to accept the worst in life and not simply trust that God will keep his word and bless us to be a blessing, and to never leave nor forsake us?” Your answer to that question will give you some guidance and gauge where you are with God. Are you Hell-bent on doing things your way or have you made up your mind to trust God in spite of ANY situation?


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