Blind Bartimaeus

Blind – from birth… Needing assistance and for someone to care about your daily welfare.  Bartimaeus was and is no different than many of us – needing assistance for the simplest of decisions and well-being; financially, physically, spiritually and mentally handicapped, disabled and impaired – and for many, since birth.  Most have lived half their lives already and have yet to see the blessings of God manifested in their lives – FULLY!  Remain determined and undeterred to see it come to pass!

We are no different than Bartimaeus.  But the most important similarity is JESUS CHRIST!  The same God who healed Bartimaeus is the same God who can heal us, and bless us to see and to be made whole.

Father, I pray for financial freedom, freedom from any sickness or malady in my body and for a renewed mind and clean heart.  I won’t be shushed by those around me, but will cry out fiercely with a loud voice because I know that you, first of all hear me, and you are passing by for those who want to be healed – of all that ails us.

Had Bartimaeus sat quietly knowing within himself that he was incomplete and in need of a Savior; and unable to do anything about it himself; he would be culpable of not receiving his miracle.  Same with us… “A never spoken prayer can go unanswered”, but “A prayer spoken in humble desperateness can catch the ear of Almighty God”.

Therefore, keep speaking, praying, crying and pleading because God will answer – He will answer!  This I not only believe but I know; even before receiving!  Give him Thanks continually! He’s full of Mercy!

blind bartemaeusi heard u

Blind Bartimaeus

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