Definition of Child-Rearing: to bring to maturity or self-sufficiency usually through nurturing care
Jesus spoke of us being as children. The Israelites are called the Children of Israel. We are God’s children.
I have finally reached that age where I have to rear my children and not simply care for their basic needs. The time has finally arrived in my life where I must make hard choices and difficult decisions for the betterment of my children and not to save face with them. I remember just bathing, feeding and taking them out for walks or trips; and all I had to worry about were diapers, the dusting of baby powder, apply lotion on them to the point where they could not do anything else than fall asleep from the “baby massage”, bottles of warm milk and cereal and love.
Child-rearing is difficult because it’s now more predicated on their social, economic, and spiritual acclamation’s to gauge between what they want and what God wants for them. Growing up is a hard but necessary process – whether we are the ones being pushed or doing the pushing.
Then I finally got what God has been saying all along – “To bring to maturity or self-sufficiency”. All we want is for our kids to grow up to be self-sufficient and take care of themselves and become a productive and successful member of society. And that’s all that God wants from us as his children. We will always need our parents, as our kids will always need us and us God; but we should be maturing.
No one has cared or nurtured for me like my Father in Heaven…
Help me to mature up in my faith and in you Lord. Bring me into spiritual maturity and self-sufficiency to your Glory; and it’s in Jesus name I pray. Amen!



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