Sit Down


I’ve been working since I was 14 years old (by choice).  And in that time I have had several job changes throughout my years (by choice).  Every time I got “itchy” I thought that a job change would be the scratch needed to settle me down.  However, many who read my post know, and for those who are learning of me for the first time, allow me to enlighten you – it’s what I despise THE most – it’s the thought of 30 years of incarceration on ONE JOB – RETIREMENT!  The word in and of itself sickens me; it’s like waiting 30 years on death row, only to die.  If you going to kill me – get it over already! Don’t drag it out.

Soon after each manufactured shift, the newness of the job would wear off and the reoccurring feeling of hopelessness would reappear like a bad rash left untreated.

The job I currently hold isn’t so bad and had it been any other job, I would have probably shifted already and moved on, but this time, ”I” decided to stay and sit a spell.  Have I wanted to walk out the door and remain gone? Yes, of course, to be honest – since the first day that I walked in it.  It’s a trap, like a zoo.  The surroundings are meant to make you believe that you are somewhere else, your natural habitat, but it’s all manufactured.

It finally dawned on me that God has been trying to rid me of my flightiness and being quick to move on from one thing, person or place – to another.  It’s about learning to stick tough times out that aren’t pleasing to me at the time.  Everything that God allows me to go through won’t always feel pleasurable but I can’t run away from ALL challenges.

As usual, God sprouts many branches from one Vine.  Learning to sit still on a job, has afforded me the stability to stay faithful in my marriage and to other commitments I have committed to in life, both relational and professional.

Being flighty doesn’t mean that you are actually making progress, in fact, it’s on expending the mental and spiritual energy needed to really bring the promises of God to fruition.

God is saying, “Sit Down!”

Sitting still and waiting on God, and being lethargic in your faith are two different scenarios.  If you trust in God, your sitting isn’t in vain.  When it’s time to move, God will spur you on to your next destination; he won’t allow you to miss your exit into the Land of Promise.


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