I think that many of us have it twisted.  In fact, I think that I might have put some words into God’s mouth without his permission.  Utopia even sounds like the imaginary word it is; it seems magical and enchanting; straight out of a fairytale or novel.  However, God never promised us the imaginary.  He never promised us a Utopian society.  Not even the word Utopia can describe what God has in store for us.

God is perfect in every unimaginable and inconceivable way; while all at the same time being the most creative as The Creator.  “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the good things that God has prepared for those that love him”.  What I love most about that promise is that it’s not in the workings, but it’s already prepared!  His thoughts are above our thoughts, and his ways above our ways.

God could have made a race of perfect people.  Adam was here minding his own business.  God could have chosen to make Eve, just as he had made Adam.  Everything with God although is meticulously strategic.  Each of us was designed with a purpose in mind and with that purpose we are driven in this life.  If he’d wanted robots, he could have very well designed them, we as humans have.  Can God not have done the same?

Daily I wonder within myself, if I have wondered off of the path that God has placed me on because I surely didn’t sign-up for, nor welcome the misery that day-to-day life tends to bring.  Oftentimes, it’s not even anything wrong or detrimental – sometimes you just get tired of L.I.V.I.N.G.!  Have you ever found yourself sad and disheartened and everything was going good in your life?  It just doesn’t add up to make common sense as to why.

No, I am not or anywhere near suicidal, but the quicker we learn to deal with the facts of life; we can begin to live our best life.

We not only have to put up with our own demons and dreams, but God placed us in this life to also have to function together with other believers and the non-believers, doubters and optimist; and he expects us to trust him and find our way in HIM.

God has an arithmetic all his own and no one knows the formulas to solve them but his Holy Spirit.  You have tried it your way… You do the math… How is life adding up for you?  Only God knows when to add, subtract, divide or multiply.  One thing I took away from Math, “It’s got to be true to be true”, per my old College Professor Mr. Yedlicka.  If and win we follow the rules, we will no doubt solve the problem.

Math is difficult to most of us because we don’t want to work the problem.  We don’t want to learn and adhere to the rules of Mathematics.  In God’s world everything is in decent and orderly fashion.  We can try and cheat off of the person, who entered into the Promise Land before we did, but God is going to ask us for our worksheet – He wants to see the work!  No work, No faith, No class credit.

God has left theoretical physicist stumped and dismayed.  But, we can trust him to work out all things in our favor and according to his will because he is the Master problem solver.  Has he won’t fail you.  Do the work!

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Character Traits


Thirsty Definition: After any and everything.  They have no type or even know what it is that that they do like; they just like chasing for the point of chasing.  And they never seem to grow up or out of it.  Here we have the perennial cheater, playboy or lover-boy.  He will not even honor marital vows and tend to come from a long line of players.   They’re flashy, flamboyant, dress-game on point and smell ethereal because of the fragrances; but it’s nothing by part of his ploy, and ritualistic program.  Hurt, has happened early usually in Mr. Thirsty’s life, thus, his reasoning for not giving a care about anyone else – only his own feelings count.  However, everybody gets thirsty for Mr. Thirsty sometimes… But all he has for you is a good time in bed, not for a lifetime.  Accept it for what it is and move on.  Women, who fall for these types of men, tend to have a miserable life and it only continues in a downward spiral.  You saw Whitney Houston chasing Bobby Brown down; or perhaps you saw your Aunt or Mom who loved some slick pimp talking Uncle or Stepdad who had tried you, your sister(s), your cousins and any skirt that passed by.  But, she loved him and you couldn’t tell her anything about him.  She fell for the hook, line and sinker!

Desperate Definition: Hen-pecked!  And such a turn-off!  The man-up gene never metastasized, so he has the traits of a child, and not that of an adult.  He may be a good bread-winner but being able to fully satisfy a woman, he will fall short because a “man” typical possesses a certain je ne sais quoi that is inexplicably linked to who is and what God placed them on the Earth to be; and what draws a woman to him.   This is when you tend to see the bi-sexual, gays, down-low dudes or psychopaths.  Desperate times call for desperate measures in their opinion.  They are looking for love wherever they can find it and whomever they can find it from.  These are the Lost Boys… Tragedy of some type struck early in their childhood and they never found their way back to who they were.  The lost will only cause you to be lost.  Women, who attach to these men, will tend to lose themselves because a woman doesn’t want to lose her man to another woman; but we surely don’t want to lose one to another man!  Some women can’t deal with that type of hurt and never find themselves again after being betrayed to the point of her womanhood being shattered.  Just know woman that there is nothing that you have done; this is all up to the man himself.  There is nothing that you could have done to save him because he doesn’t know how to save himself.  Be careful of who you try and save from drowning.  A drowning man can drown you to, and you were only trying to save him.

Determined Definition: Oh those DETERMINED ONES… They tend to win more than they lose. As women, we can take a man losing – JUST TRY TO DO SOMETHING, BE ABOUT SOMETHING.  These are the type that tells you, as a woman “that you are his.”  And then set out to do just that!  A woman wants to be pursued with zeal!  They are determined to please their wife and THEIR FAMILY.  These are the kind of men that make women “tap-out” and say “Where did you come from and where have you been all of my life?”  The determined are few and far between but they do EXIST!  Some discover determination, after they find the muse that what needed in order to get inspired; and when they do, there is NO STOPPING THEM! These are the men that love their wives, spend quality time with their family, care about and tend to every aspect of the lives around them that per God, is up under his auspices.  They possess a passion that is contagious and captivating.  As women, we want to say, “That’s my man and be proud when we say it” and not only proud but believe it! He’s not Superman, nor do we expect him to be but he will jump through hoops and cover the ground he walks on because he knows that being a man is all that he needs to be.  Being a good man, flaws and all, are what draws a woman to a man.

Learn the traits, learn the definitions and learn what you are wanting from a man.

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Will A Man Rob God?

Will a man rob God?

I’m not talking about in tithes or offerings. But, what I am referring to is, will a man rob God of the process? Will they attempt to steal God’s Glory?

We can talk all we want, prophecy all that is within us; and do for others all that we can; but if God has them on the potter’s wheel of transformation, then who are we to attempt to come along and snatch or even nudge them off?

Help can become a hindrance if discernment isn’t utilized. The anatomy of faith is trust that God will do what he said he would do, in the providence of his will and in his time. Well then, if he told you to do your part in helping another of his children; then do what he instructed you to do, and then let it go! We cannot make anyone do anything that they DO NOT want to do, let alone God Almighty.

When you have done all that you can do in the will of the Lord – Trust, stand and be still and know that he is God – in all things!

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Exercise Your Faith

“You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow”, that choice is up to YOU!

Repetition can be brutal – in “Exercising”, that is… Doing the same regimented work-out routines, monitoring your diet; and trying to find a way to keep on pace to reach our ULTIMATE GOAL – Health and Wellness! “Faith like muscle only grows if you use it!”

Working on our faith at times can get real old, real quick!  Believing for healing, trusting for favor, hoping for prosperity, and standing in the gap for your relationships, works out every spiritual muscle we have – our spiritual well-being is in the hands of our “personal trainer” – The Holy Spirit.  Our faith is being stretched and pulled in awkward ways, uncomfortable manners and discomforting fashion all for our overall spiritual fitness.

It’s hard to get started with an exercise routine, but once started, it becomes addictive and it’s far harder to stop and quitting seems to no longer be an option.

Our first impediment to overcome is the way that we think about our faith – Lethargically speaking…

We came into this world with a defect, a predisposed and preexisting condition called sin and only the blood of Jesus Christ can rid us of the disease.

Tiredness, soreness, is all associated with and are indicators, of the effects of a good work-out.

To be in good health, both physically and spiritually; takes effort on each of our parts.  Pulchritude isn’t always verifiable harbingers that were in good health.  We can look well and appear the picture of “good” health and be spiritually dying in and decaying.  The Walking Dead or Zombie life isn’t what God intended for us.  Although we are dead until we are spiritual Risen in Christ, we live, move and have our being in him.

Keep the goal of the Promises of God in your heart and out in front of you in order to keep your motivation up!  Don’t allow slothfulness, and the guise that fools most people who are out-of-shape, that, “It doesn’t take all of that”.  Indeed it does – plus some!

It takes all the above in order to be Healthy! Sustaining good health is easier than starting over-and-over again.  Get and gain traction and stay the course!

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Many marry but are they good marriages?  I’ve seen a lot of marriages end up shredded upon the rocks of a turbulent relationship, but in the same breath, I have also seen some marriages stand the test of time.  Marriage can be so HARD but it can be so good too!  Walking with Christ can be so HARD but it can be so good too!

When you are in a good marriage, there is nothing that you would trade it for; not even when bad times do occur.  When you are walking with Christ, there is nothing that you would it for; not even when bad times do occur.

The same can be said of those who follow after Christ.  I have seen some people live in Christ and they have been blessed beyond that which is measurable to the natural eye, but spiritually I can see that they had some rough tides to enter into their relationship, but they were blessed during those times to come out with a faith that had been strengthened in the fight.

Only those who choose to enter into the relationship can understand what marriage and walking in and with Christ is like.  It’s both good and bad – BUT ALL GOOD.  Our walk with Christ is not perfect but it is perfect all at the same time.  Even when it’s not good, things are working out for OUR good, and in OUR favor and to the Glory of God.  The only ones, who can relate, are the ones who are committed.

I want my relationship with my husband even when he doesn’t do things my way and when our situation and circumstance doesn’t seem to be in the direction that I would like for it to go.

If you are having trouble in your marriage; likewise if you are having trouble in your daily walk with Christ – “Remember why you first fell in love”.  “Remember why you chose this particular person to share the rest of your life with”.  What made you say, “Til death do us part – to your spouse and to Christ”?  Death is final and you wanted your final moments to be with your significant other.  When we accepted Christ, we affirmed that we wanted to walk with him in this life and be resurrected with him after death”.

Time erodes everything – eventually.

Erosion affects all that we do and everything that we are associated with: our bodies, minds, relationships and surroundings.  Only God can replenish what has been lost and restore what has been eroded away from wear, tear and usage. images (8).jpg

Black Gold Bullion… An Ode to the Black Professional Athlete…


An Ode to the Professional Black Athlete

Both the Gold Bullion and Slaves are counted, stacked and given a dollar value.

What is it about gold that is so ubiquitously captivating to people?  People just like to possess it!  Is it the warm glow of its golden amber color? Is it in its qualities of being a precious metal? Is it the smoothness of its texture or is it really not admiration at all, but only its raw value?

Everybody raped her, whether it was intentionally or indirectly; sorrowful before or after the act, nevertheless – the raped still occurred.  Everyone involved in the rape is culpable and implicitly guilty of orchestrating her shame.  Her beauty is what drew them all to her.  Beauty can oftentimes be both a gift and a curse.  Sometimes you can be too beautiful for your own good.  Sort of like in today’s time – a Stripper.  Most wouldn’t flock to a strip club if the women weren’t desirable.

Africa was her name and people came from near and far to bask in her beauty.  People had been telling her all of her life how beautiful she was.  She was a catch because she was not only beautiful, but wealthy!

Her rape wasn’t private, and to add to her shame, everyone knew about it.  They knew about the “train” that got ran on her.  They left her depleted; and for dead.  She began prostituting only as a means of survival and then it became her only tool for survival.  She had every attribute: beauty, culture, well-traveled and buxom in all things affluent.  The rape was systematic and a long drawn out process.  Rape affects the victim over and again both mentally and physically.

No one came to her aid, the ones who had committed the rape knew what condition they had left her in and some even felt remorsefully sorry regarding her state, but how do you apologize and give recompense after such violent exchange?  Because rape is violent!  They thought that time would heal her old wounds, not knowing that the original wound had fissured over the years and now grown into canyons of grand proportion.  Some wounds are left to fester and never heal because they were left untreated for such an extended period of time.  Her original intent was to be a self-made Madame and work for herself.   She soon found herself outwitted because she was dealing with an institution that was one of the oldest professions in existence in the world and found herself in over her head. She was losing more than she was gaining.  Soon after she was bankrupt and left in ruins and shame.

Africa decided that she had no choice than to get herself hooked-up with a pimp.  His name was America.  He was the most dominate pimp around and he said that he would “take care of her”.  He told her at first that he loved her and that he just needed her to sleep with a few people he knew and they would have a Bonnie and Clyde – Ride or die – relationship.  She fell for the line because she wanted to be loved, and to be a part of the country she had relocated to.

America put her to work over in his neck of the woods, where the pickin’ was good, down South and because she was still so beautiful, and fertile.  She was fruitful even in times of lack and war.  Regardless of all that she had been through, her beauty still showed through.  It was her spirit is what drew them, is what they never seemed to figure out.  Her spirit showed tenacity, fortitude, strength and perseverance.

America was jealous of her, because he could never break her spirit and he could not for the life of him understand why!  He didn’t understand why Africa wouldn’t give up, why she would sometimes run away or why she would continually fight for her freedom, even if she sometimes was faced with death or brutal punishment.

One day Africa was out working the streets and America came looking for her.  He asked her straightforward, “What is it about you that people want and desire to be around?”  She replied, “I know my worth.  I might have endured a violent past and despicable things may have befallen me but upon this earth, I am Black Gold Bullion.  I am the most influential and valuable commodity upon the face of this Earth.  I survive, reinvent, replenish, subdue and take dominion because it is the full embodiment of who I am.”

“Our bodies and minds, physical prowess and determination become fruitful, even in dry and barren places. I will always be impactful to any society that I become associated with and grafted to; economically, socially and politically.”

We are the people who bring dread and fear because we can’t be conquered.

(Professional Athletes) are the modern day slave but they shouldn’t take that comment negatively.  We survive as a people because each generation has casualties and this time around, it’s Professional Sports turn to bear the cross, and the brunt of the load – to tell Pharaoh to “Let My People Go!”  It’s a privilege to be chosen to participate in your own emancipation.  The feeling of exhilaration must be overwhelming and empowering to know that you, not anyone else, negotiated your own freedom from oppression and an impoverished cycle of life, not just a lifestyle; because poverty is running generationally rampant.  Reconstruction after the Civil War took time and so will our transformation. Thomas-Clarkson-De-kreet-der-Afrikanen_MG_1315.tifGold_Bars