I think that many of us have it twisted.  In fact, I think that I might have put some words into God’s mouth without his permission.  Utopia even sounds like the imaginary word it is; it seems magical and enchanting; straight out of a fairytale or novel.  However, God never promised us the imaginary.  He never promised us a Utopian society.  Not even the word Utopia can describe what God has in store for us.

God is perfect in every unimaginable and inconceivable way; while all at the same time being the most creative as The Creator.  “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the good things that God has prepared for those that love him”.  What I love most about that promise is that it’s not in the workings, but it’s already prepared!  His thoughts are above our thoughts, and his ways above our ways.

God could have made a race of perfect people.  Adam was here minding his own business.  God could have chosen to make Eve, just as he had made Adam.  Everything with God although is meticulously strategic.  Each of us was designed with a purpose in mind and with that purpose we are driven in this life.  If he’d wanted robots, he could have very well designed them, we as humans have.  Can God not have done the same?

Daily I wonder within myself, if I have wondered off of the path that God has placed me on because I surely didn’t sign-up for, nor welcome the misery that day-to-day life tends to bring.  Oftentimes, it’s not even anything wrong or detrimental – sometimes you just get tired of L.I.V.I.N.G.!  Have you ever found yourself sad and disheartened and everything was going good in your life?  It just doesn’t add up to make common sense as to why.

No, I am not or anywhere near suicidal, but the quicker we learn to deal with the facts of life; we can begin to live our best life.

We not only have to put up with our own demons and dreams, but God placed us in this life to also have to function together with other believers and the non-believers, doubters and optimist; and he expects us to trust him and find our way in HIM.

God has an arithmetic all his own and no one knows the formulas to solve them but his Holy Spirit.  You have tried it your way… You do the math… How is life adding up for you?  Only God knows when to add, subtract, divide or multiply.  One thing I took away from Math, “It’s got to be true to be true”, per my old College Professor Mr. Yedlicka.  If and win we follow the rules, we will no doubt solve the problem.

Math is difficult to most of us because we don’t want to work the problem.  We don’t want to learn and adhere to the rules of Mathematics.  In God’s world everything is in decent and orderly fashion.  We can try and cheat off of the person, who entered into the Promise Land before we did, but God is going to ask us for our worksheet – He wants to see the work!  No work, No faith, No class credit.

God has left theoretical physicist stumped and dismayed.  But, we can trust him to work out all things in our favor and according to his will because he is the Master problem solver.  Has he won’t fail you.  Do the work!

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