Tenure vs. Experience

Tenure vs. Experience

Tenure in God started for many early on in life, some were raised up in the church, or the yellow school bus filled with mainly whites and some blacks, who we only knew as Brother So-and-so; vacation bible school or underneath the apron of a Big Momma aka Nana or Grandma.

However, everyone didn’t get that kind of ingrained start in life, or even indoctrinated, but does that weaken or lessen the Experience that any given person has in God?

Tenure: is nothing more than time put in to something.  Experience: is having the skill or knowledge that you get by doing something.

God is infinite and eternal – time really doesn’t matter much to him because he is both outside and inside of it.  What I think that God is interested in, and this is only my personal opinion; but I believe that he wants us to have an experience in him.  Only by and through experience we gain faith; ergo – without faith it is impossible to please him.

I can be a long-standing friend of a personal trainer, but if I don’t work out for myself, the length of our relationship will not cause me to lose weight and to be in-shape – I have to work at it and become knowledgeable about good eating habits and workout routines.  Now coupled with skillful knowledge and tenure, success is guaranteed.

We get out of this life a reward of what we put into it.  We can live a long life, get all the 120 years that the Lord said that we can possibly have but live it short of what he has for us.  What’s the point of living a fruitless, tenured life?  God wants us to experience life in him to the fullest.


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