Drought… No Rain, Much Pain

A drought can last a lifetime, if we are not careful to seek God.  Because God is the one who sends the rain in our life; metaphorically speaking.  Rain can be a good or an undesirable thing; especially if it too much comes too soon.  Why does it seem that others have a lush and verdant life full of blessings while others live a life devoid of simple comforts and trappings – only God knows the true answer to that question?

A lack of rain in comparison to a lack of our needs being met… No need to mince words – A drought is a drought!  Droughts occur from time-to-time throughout our lives but I also know that prayer changes things – Yes, even the atmosphere itself.

Our prayers sometimes appear to have gone unheard but God hears all and knows all, in fact, he knows what we stand in need of before we even know to ask.  He is God of the drought, the same as he is the God of our plenteous, bountiful and overflowing blessings.  Trust him in all things – even when lack is devastating and seemingly will outlast your supply.

God can bless you through anything, anyone and by any means he deems necessary and providentially to his Glory.  Pray for rain while in your drought, while waiting on God to release the rain in your life; and if he doesn’t – keep on praying.  Our praying may appear to be in vain but that one small dark cloud off in the distance may not look like much, it can bring torrential storms of blessing that will literally sweep you right off of your feet.



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