Fight ’til the Death – A Flesh Wound…

Both we and our adversary have an expiration date. Our opponent, our opposition and our enemy are well aware of that eminent date, the same as we are regarding our own demise.  Until that day comes, we must “Fight ‘til the Death”.

One thing that we are absolutely sure of is Death, and there is nothing else more certain than that certainty.  We can expect the birth of a child and that child not live past the womb, but one thing that we know beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt is that any child that is born of a woman days are short and full of trouble – not to mention – Dying.

The only one-up in this life that we have on our enemy, not discounting the work of Jesus, is that we have the ability to live before we die.

The ‘Battle Royale’ that we think will be the battle of all battles, isn’t at the end of our lives – It’s in the actual living itself.  If he can steal our joy, peace and faith in God, then he wins.  If we can live our lives in joy, peace and with faith in God, in-spite of all that we go through in this life, then we win.  The battles aren’t even our own, they’re the Lord’s.  All we have to do is fight in the Spirit and our victory is assured.

Don’t die on your battlefield from a flesh-wound.  Our flesh is weak but we can be strong in our spirit.

fight til deathflesh wound


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