MORE Syndromes… A Moral Story.

More Syndromes

What is it about “More?” The more we get, the more we want, but where is the satiety in it?  Why does the thirst never quite get quenched nor the appetite quelled?

More sex, good or bad, we tend to not stop after virginity.  More drinking, you didn’t hear yourself slurring, your vision blurred, your inability to walk in a straight-line or the possibility of a ticket.  More money, we see people with an abundance suffer the same ailments and heartache and breaks just the same as someone on government assistance.  More drugs, when did just getting on the airplane flying around high on marijuana progress to you being high as a satellite and you falling in love with the Co-Co?  You can smoke yourself to the Solar System and back and when you return to Earth, what real good did it do you?  Am I saying not to enjoy life or even have a vice? Of course not, just don’t allow yourself to think that the vice is something other than a grip on you, that you may or may not be able to shake yourself loose from.

The same disorder that ails us and is also what’s needed to repair and restore us – More time with God, or the lack there of.  The more time that we spend chasing after other gods is what leads us to seek out happiness in worldly things.  God wants nothing from us – Happiness charges by the hour; happiness is an expensive habit to keep.  Excess doesn’t equate to better.  Hoarders are excessive, but they have a disease which leads to their destructive behavior.  Less isn’t necessarily better, but having more doesn’t necessarily mean we are better off.

Happiness is elusive and can be purchased on any corner block for the right price, from the right dealer or the right liquor store.

The more time that we have with God, in God, and around God’s people; the less time we have to chase after those thing which are only sent to bound, distract or kill us.  Some syndromes are fatal, while others can be managed and others can be cured altogether.  Thankfully, we all have the same family Physician that makes house calls and hospital visits.  Jesus can come wherever you need him to be… He’s ready for more of YOU.



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