What is it about being teased? We kinda-sorta like it, but then again, we don’t.  We enjoy the teasing session a lot more when we know that the person who’s doing the teasing cares about us, and aren’t just stringing us along for the torture of it, but in all actuality for the joy of it – our enjoyment- when it’s all said and done; or what about a movie or song teaser… a snippet or glimpse of what’s upcoming to whet our appetites.

Eventually there comes a time when there should be an end to the teasing.  Teasing to an extent can be an enjoyable and pleasurable experience when done right; it builds up the suspense for what ultimately is to come.  The teasing becomes cruel when the teaser has no intentions on fulfilling the teas-ee with anything that they would deem pleasurable.

When God gives us a promise, at times it can appear to as though we are being teased but instead it’s really just a prelude of what’s to come.  His intent isn’t to harm nor to hurt, but to build up our hearts, faith and hopes for the blessings of things to come.

I don’t know about you but I like my faith – stimulated!  Only God knows how to tantalize and arouse my desire and one thing that I am fully persuaded of, is that he has every intention of satisfying that which he has aroused.  No one knows me like he does… And the visions are so great that he has shown me, I cannot turn aside from them; like the burning bush, more so IT DRAWS YOU TO IT – not away from.

Trust what you know about God, Trust what he has shown you and know that he doesn’t tease unless he intends to PLEASE.



“Savior” Misappropriation: Scam Alert


“Savior” Misappropriation: Scam Alert

After a lot of observation, I realize why many relationships are doomed before they can bloom into anything that produces fruit in the relationship needed to sustain its bond.  For a myriad of reasons we, have allowed ourselves to get the order of things, out of order.  Both men and women, but mainly women tend to find ourselves (yes, me included); with a “Savior” mentality.  But, we look for the Savior in the wrong place(s).

The man is invaluable to our lives as that “missing piece” needed to round-out our fantasies and lives, this we know and what makes our world’s go around, regardless of what we “say”, we don’t want or need.  I don’t need a root canal and because I don’t, I don’t make mention of it.  If you are bringing up the point that you don’t “need a man or a woman”, because it cuts both ways, then you are actually the one who wants one the most or else you wouldn’t keep bringing up the topic.

The word Savior is reserved for the one and only – Jesus Christ.  He is our Savior and he aligns the rest of our lives from that starting point.  I see a lot of misery in people because their expectations are that once they find that special someone or they finally marry that soulmate, they put more value and time into that person and not the lover and keeper of their souls. Never lose sight of where that blessing came from.  Had it not been for the Lord on our side…?  That man or woman is just that – them – people.  They can’t be everything that you need for them to be, no matter how hard they try, they will fail – they will fall short of our expectations of them and vice versa.  You are setting yourself up for failure if you think that they can save you.  No one has all the answers or all they ways to make you happy – God does but we don’t want to trust him unconditionally but put that burden of a mere human being and wonder why we keep getting let down.  You are giving the power to a being that is unable to handle what it is that has been giving to them, they are incapable of doing what God can and must do for you.

We are relational beings and seek out friendships and relationships from the time we enter into this world.  However, the Pastor, our spouses, our friends or even family can’t stand in stead of the place that is reserved for Christ and Christ Jesus alone.  No one can do for us what God can do and that place of highest reverence needs to be reserved and observed for only him.

All relationships are battle-tested; especially marriage because it is in direct correlation to how we are to be with God – dedication, fidelity, trust and honor.  Our training in God is what trains us for the nuptials.  If you can’t be faithful to the things of God, then how will you learn to be faithful in any other area of your life?  God wastes nothing.

At times we find ourselves boiling hot and anger kindled at our loved ones; in the same token, we find ourselves sometimes even mad with God, although we wouldn’t like to admit that to anyone, even ourselves.  But, those who know how good he is and has been, quickly repent and get back into fellowship because we know that his best intentions are towards us.  We can’t scam God and think that we will receive his blessings and he not receive his Glory.

If you want to save yourself a lot of headaches and from having hang-ups when it comes to the matter of the heart – lean to not to your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge God and stop asking something of other people that you are unable to give yourself.  Yes, we all like to think of ourselves and the perfect helpmeet or provider, but we all have faults and shortcomings and when we esteem another person as the end-all be-all of our lives, we are only setting ourselves up for failure because our living and being is in God the Father alone.  It is indeed a blessing to find that love of our lives, and it eludes many for this very reason we discuss today.

There is one Savior and his name if Christ Jesus.  In that is where you find the peace and the love that you are searching for and everything else of value and purpose in life flows from that vine down to our branches.

The Settlers…

The Settlers…

A vision is so much more powerful than we could ever possibly think – it s psychological. The hood is so terribly depressing; and it s systematically designed to be all that most see.

Sadly whites see other whites pursuing goals; college, country clubs, and other pursuits of readily available happiness.

Thankfully, blacks and browns are learning that many limits that marginal us are self-imposed and that s where vision(s) come into play.

We see and are surrounded by people who have settled. It takes a different power to rise above what a person has ingrained into their psyche.

Then when a person dares to believe for better regardless of their circumstance, they re viewed as disconnected. Why would we want to remain attached to that or those who don t have the audacity to hope against hope?

Settlers fear, for fear itself; even when better is in their peripheral. God said to have no fear, other than of him.

Settle for what?