Politicking As Usual…

Politicking As Usual…

When I got finished with a quick self-examination of my spirit – something got dropped into my spirit that made me think, and then wonder about the possibility.  What if the 1/3 of Angels that were kicked out of heaven were us, or we are their descendants?  What if this is our other chance to get it right?  Angels are spirits and so are we, and those that worship God must worship him in spirit and in truth.

There is nothing new up under the Sun, therefore, the “Art of Politicking” started in the Heavens.  Satan had to launch a campaign about the ensuing takeover of Heaven before his eviction.  God gave the Angels the same free-will as he given us.  There had to be many discussions, and for him to draw so many away from the Father, he had to be good at the Art of Persuasion.  Is that not what we are facing in our own lives today, to do the will of the Father, in spite of what we feel that we deserve?

His Word says that he foreknew us before the foundations of the world.  Our worst enemy has always been and will always be the man-in-the-mirror.  Some like to think that there is a being of some sort that causes them to sin against the will of God, but if we are truly honest with ourselves, it was us making the conscience decision to go against the will of the Father and turn away the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came to Earth and endured every temptation commonly known to me – and sinned not; and told us that we could do what he did – Just Believe.  And we still find ourselves struggling to make the mountains move in our lives.  I’m not saying that he did it with ease, but what he did show us is that it possible.

Time is ticking and the world is starting to shift into that positional place of having to decide for yourself whose side you are on; rather it is in politics or praise.

We find ourselves once again idolizing people and becoming self-absorbed.  And we find ourselves once again, if we don’t correct our direction; being evicted for good.

There is only one side when it comes to who we serve – there is no party, not even an Independent; no meeting in the aisle.  You must choose a side.  Are you serving notice to your enemy or are you being served your eviction notice?

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My Daily Walk – Day One

My Daily Walk – Day One

Exercise your Spirit and Body.

Wow! I did it! I turned the camera around on myself and filmed for the very first time.  Trust me, I was dreading and wanting to do it at the same exact time.  This is what I said I wanted to do – right? Be an inspiration to others.  I didn’t take to it like a duck to water but I glided into like a newborn into his new world – wet behind the ears, but open to every possibility that life offers; covered in mess, but still blessed to be alive.

Life was breathed into me because what was birthed in me came to life today; and it was amazing, although not many, if any, viewers watched.  It wasn’t about the numbers but that I accomplished another goal that was in my heart.  It’s the small stones that come together and combined to make the foundation needed to build upon.

To finally step into that role, to speak live some of the intimate and personal thoughts of how I walk with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have blessed me beyond any descriptive word in the English language.

When I woke up this morning, I despaired because once again I was rising up to go and do something that I didn’t necessarily want to be doing; when there are so many people rising up going about their day doing exactly what they wanted to be doing, and not what they had to be doing, such as myself.

One thing that I can say about myself is that “I live in the moment”, I’m not frightened off by much in this life because I know that God is with me and guiding my stumbling steps.

The awesomeness came into play because I just decided that I would live out another moment and I did it – no holds barred and my spirit is blessed beyond measure.  We just have to be doer’s and there is and will always be risk in anything we do.  I can’t worry about who feels me and who doesn’t; those who are to be touched by God through my words of wisdom will not be denied because that’s why God uses the people who are open to do his will.

I couldn’t allow this day to pass by without me giving reverence and to say “Thank You” to God that he allowed me to BE.

If you can, try and catch the replay of me on Periscope.  🙂


Quite Peculiar…

Quite Peculiar

We never thought that we would be the odd-man out – the minority; yet we find ourselves at the threshold of being brought face-to-face with what a peculiar people means.  What it means to be called out and set aside for God.  No other time on this Earth than in our recent history has it been glaringly obvious, religion, organized or not has exposed how different we really are or not.

The world is shifting to become more inclusive regardless of its tide going against the core principle beliefs of our faith.

The new tag word is love, but that’s just an old cliché or better still an abused platitude that has run its course.  It has nothing at all to do with love – its rebellion.

The Inquisition is now in full-force against what we once called “The Church”, but we are so splintered and fragmented as a body, no wonder we aren’t as efficacious as we once were and the power and leadership has be stripped; or haven’t you noticed?

Transgender restrooms and gay rights triumphantly marching right past civil rights, leaving blacks once again disenfranchised in our plight – used and abused.  Gay rights have made strides in the past decade that eclipsed what we as blacks have been struggling for since our feet touched soil in this new homeland – centuries and counting…

Everyone’s agenda nowadays trumps that of which the Lord has called us to be Stallworth’s of the faith against.  Quite ironic that Trump is running for President… How apropos indeed… And to be against doesn’t mean that you should not exist, but that we as Christians also have the same rights to believe, that you have not to believe.  God himself doesn’t force us to do his will, because that’s not love.  Love says, “I’ll do your will because I love you”. We fight past our own will and submit ours to his because he first loved us and what he did on the cross blows our minds, and we strive through trial and error to right wrongs and live as pleasing to him as his graces us to be.

We only have this one world to co-exist upon and each of us has the God-given right to live it as we so choose.  We all are pro-choice if you ask me.  Just allow me to serve my God and to give him all the glory, honor and praise.  And if YOU choose to join with me, and do the same unabashedly in love of The Father, The Son (Jesus) and The Holy Ghost, we can reverse the tide and show that the love of God surpasses all understanding.

Let’s love on God again and learn what that feels like, and it won’t be so peculiar to you.


Top Priority


“All my life I hustled just to get that Mulah”… That is… until I found out that there is one who is more valuable to me than money – his name Jesus Christ.

Why value the creation, the gift or talent moreover the Creator of said thing?

God’s money… because that’s whose it is, is the cheapest part of him.  Desire his heart, and the money, along with all other things both desired and needed, will also be included.

Money can’t heal a broken heart, resurrect a dead loved-one or cure disease.  Heck, money can’t even cure a common headache, in fact, having it sometimes causes the headache worrying about not losing it or making more of it.

Peace isn’t found in having more money, it’s found in having more of God.

Prioritize your life and your life will become far less stressful.

Make God “Top Priority” and he will make you and your needs Top Priority.

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Returns Only!

Returns Only

Romans 11:29 says that the Gifts and Calling of God are without repentance.

What has given you – us; it’s ours to partake of.  God doesn’t want anything refunded back that he has given us, nor does he want to exchange your gift or calling out for something else.  All he wants is a return on his original investment – and that’s Glory from your life.

No Refunds, No Exchanges – Returns Only!