Running on Fumes… “Catch a Fire”

Running On Fumes… “Catch a Fire”

Have you ever just come to that point where you say to yourself, “I’m running on empty, on fumes”?  But, somehow you find yourself still going.  It maybe only fumes but God can make miracles with nothing but vapors.

Hope is our faith vaporized into a gas; our faith at its most basic form, so that it can be distributed where needed, so that we can pass through whatever it is that is seeking to keep us burdened and doubtful of that which we are hoping for.

An empty jar is still full of air, if it weren’t so, you wouldn’t hear the gasp of air when you twist the top off.  Every time I think that I am just about to suffocate from waiting upon the Lord to move another mountain, “I gasp” and discover that what I needed had been here all the while – my faith – I don’t have to see it to know that it exist.

Jesus is our living water; he turns our hope into a molecular particle of faith that waters our dry spirit.  Hydration is the key to any life form; we cannot live without it.

Science is a wonderful thing, as long as we don’t the Creator out of the creation.  We can so easily believe photosynthesis or in the cycle of life; or the simple basics of gases, liquids and solids.  Why can’t you believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – same principle; the One created the others.

If I can believe that a gas can turn into a liquid and a liquid into a solid; then I can believe that God can turn my faith, into hope and my hope into reality.

We cannot see, smell nor taste when we have a propane leak, but light a match and you will find out what you cannot see does exist.  Therefore, I will light a match of faith to my hope and watch it “Catch a Fire!”

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Monetization – “The Miseducation of Me”

Monetization – “The Miseducation of Me”

I’m not sure but I am starting to wonder if I have an insufferable, incurable case of neurosis?  If I cannot be honest here – in the presence of both you and my Lord, then where can I be?

Why is it that I always try to find a way to covert God’s blessings into some form of monetization?  Why do I always look for the angle to see how this or that can make me money, instead of just looking at the blessing itself?

The Bible says that and I quote in; “Ecclesiastes 10:19 – A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.”  In other words via my own limited translation, eating and drinking is alright but the money is far more important.

However, the Bible also says and I quote in; “1 Timothy 6:10 – For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many.”

I know that the Bible doesn’t contradict itself, and I know that scripture backs-up scripture; so what am I to believe; which path do I adventure?  I don’t want to wander from the faith as the scripture warned against, but how can I manage something that appears to not be able to be controlled?

Eureka! I know!  I trust God in all my ways and acknowledge him to direct my path. Whew! For a second there, I was starting to wonder was my heart ever in the right place.  All I need is to want God and my relationship with him to trump all else.  God should have my entire heart and in doing so, he will let me know what is good for me and what is not.

There is much Miseducation going on in this world but God said that his sheep knows his voice.  Regardless of what it may seem that we are losing out on or gaining; if we don’t have God, the money is worthless.


Pour Some Honey On Me… The Bear Clause

Pour Some Honey On Me… The Bear Clause

There’s an expression that some use in jest when trying to convey how tough or independent they are, “If you see me and a bear in a fight, pour some honey on me and help the bear!”

If you saw the movie, the Revenant staring Leo DiCaprio, it brought you up close and personal with what an encounter with a bear would be like; it doesn’t appear to be anything that we want to deal with in real life.  Didn’t see the Revenant?  Well, what about David?  He spoke of having killed a lion and a bear as a part of his testimony to King Saul to be found worthy or valiant to go into battle to fight Goliath.

God is sweet as the honey on the honeycomb… Sweeter in fact!  David admonishes us to taste and see that the Lord is good.

In our spirit should be the same veracity, that as the Lord fights our battles, “To not worry about me; because if you see me in a fight, just know that I have all the help that I need – and it comes from the Lord.”  It’s not cockiness but rather an assurance from God that he is our strength and very present help, in our times for trouble.

God doesn’t need our help – in anything or anyway, shape or form.  What he does require is that we have faith and trust in him to be God.  Then move out of his way and stand on his Word and watch it come to pass.

Our God is mighty in battle and wants to show himself strong on our behalf.

I’m sticky as can be… What about you?

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I Promise to… Because I said I would.

I Promise to… Because I said I Would.

There is no true number; the number of promises that are in the Bible that God has made to us.  Some say 3,000 plus, while another says 5,000 plus and another even guestimated it to be around 7,000 or more.  I have come to understand that nothing of God’s can be numbered – why do we even try?  The promises of God sprout other promises, so the number, as God is – will be infinite, no matter how much we attempt to embellish or winnow the actual figure up or down.

Speaking of promises…  those blessings spoken in time by God, that are already in place for those of us who choose to seek after God to receive them.  An inheritance doesn’t do a homeless person any good unless they are aware that they are an heir.  A person could be living poor but rich in another space/time/continuum.  God already promised that we are heirs to his Kingdom, and all that entails.

There are corporate blessings that God spoke to his people and then there are those personalized, bespoke and birthed into our spirits by the Father that is only for us.  When God spoke to Abraham and told him of the promise of a child from his loin; that was for Abraham alone to bear.  Abraham had to believe that God would do it, from the inception to birth, and it was done for Abraham’s blessing and to God’s glory.

Then God did something shocking to any on-looker, he asked Abraham to give up, relinquish, the very blessing he had been waiting years for, that one thing, the thing that he loved.  God knew what Isaac meant to Abraham.  God knows what both you and I love and are waiting on.  What if he told you to give it up, could you do it?

The promises of God are Yea and Amen and there are many.  But, it’s that one, that very special one.  That one career, that one love, that one marriage, that one child, that one business, that one dream, that one thing that you have a myopic scope on that wonders whether or not God is actually setting us up for failure instead of success, that tends to make our journey more arduous than it has to be.

Out of all the promises that God made to us, that one, that very one we love is a struggle to give up or hold on to; we cannot make up our minds; either in theory or in reality, to believe or doubt.  We have to go up the mountain with all faith to worship God and that we will descend with the promise in-hand and with even a greater praise than the original ascent.

Doors and windows open on our behalf; rams are found in the bush, because God saw our faithfulness at taking him at his word, because he said it would be so.


Types and Shadows of the… Impossible

Types and Shadows of the… Impossible
At times we look pass this life and death appears to be better; not becoming suicidal, but just the will to keep living sometimes seems harder than passing through this life. Life, as we all do, has its job, what it was created to accomplish by God; and it won’t return to him void. In God’s word it says spare the rod and spoil the child – are we not his children? God chastens those he loves. Everything that we endure is for our betterment when we attribute it his glory.
As the saying goes, “The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed”. The types and shadows of the Old Testament are revealed to us in the person of Jesus Christ; and we tend to leave our thoughts there, not going beyond Salvation to the life that God called us to in Christ; that we should live and not die. We focus so much on the end of a thing, the end of the life that we forget about living this one, the only one we get to have.
As God upped the ante for the Children of Israel by delivering them from Pharaoh, it was also a type and shadow for us living in today’s time. God hears us and for those who trust in him, we can see the impossible. God is no different now than he ever was, because before there ever was, there was God. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Impossible only looks that way to us. The Children of Israel had never seen God perform in the way that he had, just as we who are awaiting the Promise have never seen God work a miracle of that sort in our lives as well. 400 years of silence will do that to a Nation, to a people, to a person. Each and every individual had to either believe or not.
In my lifetime, I have wanted to both see and experience my own deliverance, to receive my own Promise fulfilled, here in the land of the living. Is it hard? Yes, but, then no at the same time. Just as God took the Israelites the way of the Wilderness in order that they might learn him and to trust him as Lord, Provider, Savior and Keeper, that same type and shadow exist for us today.
God’s word is forever morphing into another way that his scriptures can be applied to our everyday living is the reason that his word lives; his word is applicable whether 3,000 years ago or today.


The Zero Factor… The Greatest Number of All…

Zero Factor (factor – a circumstance, fact, or influence that contributes to a result or outcome.)

When we see or hear the word Zero, it’s usually in a negative connotation.  Zero tends to mean we are all out of options; and all there is left is rock-bottom.

We have it all backwards; God does use the foolish things to confound the wise.  Sometimes our seed of faith is so small, but again, that same minúte seed could also grow to be the greatest. Possibly, it’s the smallest faith that produces the greatest blessings.  To believe down to zero percent – the zero is still to be counted.  There is no such thing as a zero percent chance, an opportunity is an opportunity.

A zero is countable.  Faith is Faith.  Faith to some is the same as zero – worthless; if it is not something tangible or to be counted on our digits, then it’s not to be counted and not to be counted on… that God cannot be counted on.

But God plus zero – God plus faith is where miracles happen.  All we need is to factor God into the equation.