Good Manners…

Good Manners…

Who doesn’t like a well-mannered child or even adult for that matter?  Good manners can bless you in areas where poor manners will tend to keep you at bay; and doors shut.

It’s not that I am deserving at all of any blessing(s) that God bestows upon me, but one thing that I do know, that has brought me a long way in him and that is remembering my good-manners, to say “Please and Thank You.”

God is no different than any one of us when it comes to being well-mannered.  We are his children and the one thing that we should have learned to say first and foremost is, “Please and Thank You”.

Have you ever held a door for a person or allowed them to cut into the line in-front of you; only to not receive a kind “Thank You”, for doing something that you didn’t have to do?  God doesn’t have to do anything for us, but yet he wants to do even more than he’s already done for us; that is, if we remember our manners.

You will have more doors opened and remain open by God holding it open for you to walk in through; and you will receive more of his favor (aka, a cut ahead of the line), if you simply remember your manners.



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