Soup du Jour

Soup du Jour (translated, Soup of the Day) – “Talk Soup”

Many are hungry, down right in starvation mode for a life more full-filling.  Everyone I pass by, I can over-hear their conversation; it’s either on race, religion, politics, the privileged or the impoverished; usually these subjects are taboo, but whispers in smoky carpeted country clubs or dead-silence will no longer be the panacea to remedy our countries troubles away.

There has been no other time in our history where so much chatter, not conversation has taken place. Our current state of events in this country has us more engaged in more dialogue than ever in our past, but we still cannot find a meeting of the minds to set the course to a better world, though we pride ourselves the leader of the free world.  How can we lead when we are so far behind?

The airways are cluttered with the same menu item – Talk Soup.  We have eaten this same old bland, re-heated, and tasteless goulash, a hodgepodge of whatever gets tossed into the melting-pot; and we are expected to eat it and be satisfied – I am sorry America but we have to where the rubber meets the road, where it gets the hottest and blow-out is sure to follow.

What we face in America today is a State-of-Emergency; people who are malnutrition don’t work well and tend to be grumpy.  Have you run across any cantankerous individuals lately?  I am sure you have, from both sides of the aisle; frustrations from both the black, brown and white community.  Everyone is done! Where’s your temperature thermometer, because we are fork-tender – we’ve been stewing for years!

God knows how to get to anyone, no matter their status.  The Infinite One knows how to get right where we are.  All are and have been affected in one way another by the turn of the world’s events.  We can try and shield our kids, but life will find them, just as it found you and me.  There is no such thing as escape, it’s an equal opportunity to learn to trust God for yourself or not; rather you have a leg-up or not.

We all want an excuse, “I’m black, I’m white, I’m this or I’m that; I’m too poor or even more amusing, I’m too rich; I caught the “Affluenza”.  Being rich has the same issues as being poor does – too much of anything can’t be good for you.  Having money can be just as incarcerating, restricting and imprisoning as the lack thereof.  The rich don’t have burglar bars but they are still worried about someone breaking or hacking in to take what’s there’s.

When are we going to realize there is no getting off this Earth, and that we are going to have to learn to live together in order to preserve this race of humanity?  Send rovers to Mars, Jupiter and Venus all you want; there’s no Matt Damon happy ending waiting for you out in the great yonder.  What you possess now, you will be leaving here when it’s your turn to enter the upper or lower room.  Oh, you don’t believe in rooms – you still leaving; so what real good does it do you?  Does it add one hair to your head or to your stature?

Is it the Golden Rule that we live by or the Golden Shower?  People are no longer willing to allow the powers-to-be to pee on us and telling us that it’s raining – better yet, it’s trickling down to us.

We have lived off of soup appetizers long enough.  People want to eat the same as anyone else; and sippin’ soup just won’t do – especially alphabet soup – FBI, DEA, IRS, and CIA; all in place to keep this country policed, but uh oh, pull your skirt down; we see you aren’t working with anything but a talk game and aren’t packing anything that we consider to be jealous of you for.  We don’t wants what’s yours, we want what’s ours – Progress and Placement into the very society that sat and sipped Mint Julips and Sweet Tea, while fanning themselves in the hot summer sun and watched the niggas build them an industry of capitalism, a country and a portfolio.

Sorry but we are all out of soup… Our knives and forks are pitched and are beating against the table as we chant, “We want to eat and no longer slurp soup and sip tea”, and that is our Business”.  “We want the meat and potatoes, the meals that stick to you” shouldn’t we, or all we all just full of talk?

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