Running on Fumes… “Catch a Fire”

Running On Fumes… “Catch a Fire”

Have you ever just come to that point where you say to yourself, “I’m running on empty, on fumes”?  But, somehow you find yourself still going.  It maybe only fumes but God can make miracles with nothing but vapors.

Hope is our faith vaporized into a gas; our faith at its most basic form, so that it can be distributed where needed, so that we can pass through whatever it is that is seeking to keep us burdened and doubtful of that which we are hoping for.

An empty jar is still full of air, if it weren’t so, you wouldn’t hear the gasp of air when you twist the top off.  Every time I think that I am just about to suffocate from waiting upon the Lord to move another mountain, “I gasp” and discover that what I needed had been here all the while – my faith – I don’t have to see it to know that it exist.

Jesus is our living water; he turns our hope into a molecular particle of faith that waters our dry spirit.  Hydration is the key to any life form; we cannot live without it.

Science is a wonderful thing, as long as we don’t the Creator out of the creation.  We can so easily believe photosynthesis or in the cycle of life; or the simple basics of gases, liquids and solids.  Why can’t you believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – same principle; the One created the others.

If I can believe that a gas can turn into a liquid and a liquid into a solid; then I can believe that God can turn my faith, into hope and my hope into reality.

We cannot see, smell nor taste when we have a propane leak, but light a match and you will find out what you cannot see does exist.  Therefore, I will light a match of faith to my hope and watch it “Catch a Fire!”

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