You’ve Got Mail!

You’ve Got Mail!

God isn’t your normal run-of-the-mill postman, he never has ring twice nor does he ever lose your mail –what’s for you, is for you.  He always delivers on-time!  Priority mail is his specialty because we are his priority and when express mail is required – it’s sure to arrive to us on time and the item undamaged.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays The Holy Courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.”  How can inclement weather stop the one who created it?  He speaks to it and it has to obey.

Packaged blessings of all types – small, medium and large are priced at the same low flat rate of – faith; it’s the only currency that is accepted.

When in need to send a letter of request to the Father, be sure to use the forever stamp with the official “In the name of Jesus Christ” insignia or else your treatise may be lost in the shuffle of bulk mail.

Are you in need to unload some of your burdens, then raise your semaphore red flag, so that the Holy Courier will relieve you of any doubt that your blessings are on the way.

What are you expecting today?  It’s on the way and that’s a guarantee from God, the Post Master General himself.

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When Life Gets Slippery… Hold Onto the Water!!!

When Life Gets Slippery… Hold onto the Water!

I saw a meme today that made me laugh and after I stopped laughing I began to think – Truth and revelation will do that to you.

It said, “I nearly slipped in the shower and I tried to hold onto the water”.  Quite honestly as I type this, I find myself still tickled at the thought because we have all had that nearly damn-neared my own self that time moment.

The shower is one place to have that type of mishap but what about our faith-walk?  We at times are in that exact same situation when it comes to how we trust Jesus to bring us out, take us through and carry us into.

The water will save you if you grab a hold to it.  Our tears, our bellies that is full of living water, the drink that Jesus offered that would quench our thirst forever…  When Jesus was pierced in his side, what came out was blood and water – the blood cleansed and the water washed away our sins.

Sometimes the thing meant to kill you will make you stronger.  Water can catch you, it will save you; all you have to do is grab onto it and trust the God of the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans to guide the currents of your life and bring you ashore to your expected end.


Unsolved Problem!? Faith-e-matician – Problem Solved!

Unsolved Problem!? Faith-e-matician – Problem Solved!

There are still some mathematical problems that go unsolved today; no one person knows everything; not even a collective of great minds have been able to come up with a solution.  Why is that?  Better question is who or what originated the unsolved problem in the first place?

The reason it cannot be explained is because God is unexplainable.  Infinite means just what it means –Impossible to either measure or calculate.  I don’t want to serve a God that I can figure out; I need a God that can figure me out, and work me and my issues out like only he can.

Our faith is that inexplicable tangent that makes every unsolvable problem in our lives work out for our good.  Faith added to any equation will cause you to become an ingenious faith-e-matician. 

Faith will solve every problem.

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Pull On The Thread…

Pull on the Thread!

Sometimes when we are waiting on the Lord to do that thing; that which we hold in our hearts secretly, and we catch wind that He is passing by.  We muster up the strength though having been bleeding internally in our soul so long; we are weak in body, mind and spirit.

Our faith is willing but our reach falls short of His garment, and the hem, but as God always does, He makes a way; and we catch a hold of a single thread and pull on it!  A thread, a mustard seed… As long as we get ahold of Him we will be healed and made whole.

It took a single thread to first construct the garment and the hem.  All we have to do is believe that He will feel the slight tug of our faith.

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No Haggle Pricing… Name Your Price!

No Haggle Pricing…  Name Your Price!

Most of us layman loath the trip to a used or even new car dealership while looking for a way of transportation.  If we could only sniff the new car smell from viewing via online our lives would be so much less hectic.

Maybe they should invent a simulated test-drive experience that incorporates spritzing a mist ever so often of a burst of new car scent to simulate the experience that we would normally get, so we still get that intoxicating aroma that incapacitates us from making sound decisions and good judgments; sans the dreaded sales-man, sales-pitch and sales-trap.

Uggghhh!!! We know once we hit the lot they on us like flies on stink.  So, we gird up and get our game face on, speeches ready and our final price that we are not willing to be negotiated from and then find ourselves signing a contractual agreement that leaves us feeling robbed and un-savvy as a negotiator -People who have the propensity to haggle, bargain, negotiate, quibble, or wrangle also have the tendency not to truly be able to afford what it is that they are haggling for.

Sure, we don’t want to be taken to the cleaners or had for that matter, but those who have the capability to get the vehicle displayed on the showroom floor don’t tend to haggle, instead they sign and drive-OFF!  Or it’s delivered to their front door; and all kinds of perks and extras are thrown in at no additional cost to them because they are valued.

Jesus said that He has already paid it ALL!  So then why are you negotiating with what is being offered to you either spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially or socially?  The owner of the dealership doesn’t discuss price.  Jesus didn’t negotiate with the enemy, He just took the keys.

God’s word says, “Jesus paid the sin-debt in full”.  Stop Haggling over what already belongs to you and walk in this life like you own it.

Jesus admonished us to “Ask what we will in His name, and He would do it, so that the Son could bring glory to the Father”.

Some names thrown down at dealerships don’t even require a signature, they just SPEAK THE WORD ONLY and what they desire is there’s – And the perks… and the extras…

God says, “Name your price.”

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Rape or Reap? Word Jumble… What’s a Word to You?

Rape or Reap… Word Jumble – What’s A Word to You?

Heaven to a chief sinner like me would’ve seemed an impossibility, had I not found redemption through Christ Jesus.

The same can be said for the promises of God, which at times can seem so impossible that they rape the spirit of all hope.  What may have seemed to be impossible is indeed made possible through our belief in Jesus Christ.

The same thing that was sent to kill you can make you stronger.  Only the blood and belief in and of Jesus Christ can transcend death and bring our spirit back to life.

We will rape reap if we faint not.  The miss-spelling of how we view our life can leave our spirit dyslexic.

Don’t get so scrabbled in your faith walk that you forget how to spell J.E.S.U.S.!

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