Are you or aren’t you afraid of ghosts?  Many of us are frightened by many things but ghosts of any kind take it up a notch to a paranormal level.  The world of the spirit is an unknown territory that we have yet to fully understand.  Ghosts – whether from the past, present or future are spirits – and that is whether you believe in them or not.

Those of us who are walking with the Lord have been told and instructed that our battlegrounds are in the realm of the spirit and those that worship God must worship him in both spirit and in truth; letting us know that spirits are real on both sides – those for God and those that oppose him.

You remember in the Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol”, how old man Scrooge was visited by three ghosts.  The worst of the three was the visit from the Ghost of the future.  The same holds true for many of us – the future and what it holds or not, is the most terrifying of them all.  We have already dealt with the past – it is what it is; but the future has yet to be determined – and what is unwritten regarding the outcome of our life can strike terror like none other.

Ghosts live in the spirit – it is their world and they know how to navigate it well, so never under estimate someone or something that has privileged knowledge; and they don’t play fair – it’s a fight! But we are privy to some information that both they and we know – we win in the End.  Now who has the higher ground really?

Who Ya Gonna Call?  There is only one name above every other name that demons tremble and bow down to, and must obey – Jesus Christ – He is the only GhostBuster.  Be sure to keep your mind on that one fact, that way, you keep your mind clear of the simplest things that so easily beset us.  (For old school heads) – You remember Mr. Stay Puff?  The seemingly innocent vision that you conjure up in your own mind, is that thing that will come to steal, kill, and destroy you.

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost”

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