Avant Garde and the Jurassic World

Avant Garde and The Jurassic World

It’s Life that gets us – not death.  Life is the one that is dead on our heels and breathing arid air down our necks, and looking over our shoulders – always critiquing.  Death is only the clean-up man, but bears all of the blame.  Death has got to be asking itself, “What did I do to you up underneath its breath?”  Really… What did he do to you?  You don’t know him personally or else you wouldn’t be here.  Take your issues up with life is what death’s response is to you every time you rail against him.  It’s like being mad at the janitor for coming in after you leave work to clean the building.  Life is happening during the day, so he must wait.

Life is over in the corner saying, “I can’t believe they are getting irate at death when I am the one that they should be taking up the issue with – I’m the culprit”.  But death bides his time, because we all have a job to do – there’s the road kill and then there’s the buzzard.  There is an occupation for us all – whether it’s agreeable to you or not – it gets done.

To take your fight to the front door of your opponent, either one of two things can happen – it could go bad for you or good – depending on your opponent.  God is Lifethus you cannot beat him.  He is the Kobayashi Maru; it’s a no-win situation.  You cannot cheat life or God.  The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, so how we treat it, is in essence – bringing it to God’s front door.

The story of Lot in the Bible doesn’t portray him as being gay but he condoned it.  Condoning isn’t the same thing as agreeing but it’s not saying that you disagree either.  The Word says, “Let your yea be a yea and your nay be a nay.”  Lot had some accountability in the matter, as we all do.

Life is cut-throat! Lot left his wife, the town and would’ve left his two daughters behind had they looked back; and the daughters did the same – and for their obedience, they were rewarded with Life.  Same for us – obedience is better than sacrifice.

Jesus admonishes us to not look back when we put our hands to the plow, and that whatever we give up; family, houses, and friends that we would be rewarded because we took up our Cross to follow him.  Sometimes we will have to abandon all to be with him and we have to be okay with that.

Some lifestyles cannot be accepted as the  new norm or Avant Garde, no matter how Jurassic they maybe when it compares to today’s culture.  God is the Ancient of Days, so he is superlative to the Jurassic World of today.  If the homosexual lifestyle were so “In”, then why were they so “Out”, in the first place supposedly; why the closet in the first place? Stick a pin in that…

It’s trickery being made out to be a choice.  When we go to see an illusionist, we accept that we are going to be bamboozled – we know that we won’t be able to believe our lying eyes but we know what we are getting ourselves into.  When it becomes foolish is when we trick ourselves into believing that magic is real.  Reality gets lost.

That’s where we are today.  Reality is lost.  Homosexuality has been around since… welp, quite a long time, it’s referenced in the Bible to lend to its credence.  God tries not look directly at it because if he does, he will have to judge it – the same as he gives mercy for our sins, but we keep bringing it to his front door.  Don’t be surprised when, not if, he judges it.

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