The Potter’s Turntable… Sweet Music

The Potter’s Turntable…  Sweet Music

“The turntables might wobble but they don’t fall down!”  God knows how to spin me into great wordplay and create in me what I am supposed to be – Me – some dust of the Earth, clay and look at me; I am wonderfully made in his image.

Lord knows that my desire is to not be stuck on some shelf as a display nor do I want to be stuck on repeat, playing the same old tired tune; or a skipping record, it’s a slow torturous torment.

The Potter’s turntable is the place where the “Blessings” happen; there is nothing magical about it.  It might look like there is nothing changing but if you look closely enough, you will see me become malleable in his hands, and him skim off some extra clay, or moisten me with his waters, in order that I may remain flexible and bendable to his will and not cure before my time.

God is the illest M.C. (Master of Ceremonies), what he spit before time began; we are still listening to today.  He’s both old and new school.  Disc Jockey ? There has never been greater to spin vinyl – he knows how to mix and master our natural sound to a symphonic harmony – pitch perfect, called Worship. His soundtrack has been the reigning Best Seller, aptly known as the Bible.  The Remix? Man Listen… P. Diddy come to him… God knows how to go back into the crates of our lives and make a hit. He’s a purist at heart.

Yes, then there’s that old kiln… used to be pronounced “kill”, how apropos… Because that is exactly what it’s like, going through this life at times, as though it is killing you – us;  it’s where the heat gets turned up to unbearable temperatures that will either kill you or make you strong and durable.

There are some items that sit on a shelf that have gone through the exact same process but they are called “priceless or artifacts” – the classics, while some are just called clay pots – The Potter loves all of his creations but then there are some that he gushes about, called “Masterpieces”.

God is our greatest producer – He is the “The Hit Factory” and the “The Music Mogul”.  Don’t you want to make sweet music with him…?

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