#We”Ain’t”AllWeGot -#WeGotItAllWrong

#We”Ain’t”AllWeGot  –   #WeGotItAllWrong

I will make this one brief and simplistic as I possibly can.  When God tally’s up the bill of my life, I need at least one person charged to my account; that somebody believed Christ because of watching my life.  Why else? What else are we really doing this for, if not to do as he commanded and bring another along?  I guess I am just one of those zealots, crazies or #JesusFreak; that take God at his Word.

#WeAintAllWeGot… I’m sorry, but we have God; and we are getting this walk out of step, our cadence is off.  When we are done to zero and have nothing left – spiritually, financially, and emotionally – I find myself glad, because I have God and with him – nothing becomes much.  We have to be careful of the way we say things, even in jest or playful banter – be cognizant and reverence the God of your Salvation at all times.  Our walk with God is nothing to take for granted or lightly or in a jokingly manner.  He of all takes words to heart.  He spoke life into existence for his sake.  I know that #hashtag isn’t saying anything against God, but it isn’t offering up any Glory to him either, neither any praise.  If we want God to pour out his blessings upon us, then we have to offer up Worship and Praise to him at all times; his praises shall continually be in our mouths.  I don’t want to ever find myself saying. “This or that is all I have”.  I would rather say, “Thank God, he is all that I need”.

Speak life.

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