The Boys in Blue, The Men in Black, The Inventors and The Era of Necessity

“The Boys In Blue, The Men In Black, The Inventors & The Era of Necessity”

Where we keep messing up, is that we keep getting it twisted!  They never cared about us, not that they don’t!  The most important preservation is that thing called self-preservation; it kicks in first, as well it should – you’d be a fool not to.  But, when it becomes assault, murder or the genocide of a people is when you know that the person is not trying to harm you; and your behavior or deportment towards them doesn’t mirror that knowledge.

There has never been an “Us vs. Them”, that would apply that it was a fair fight, we all know that it wasn’t, no need to squabble about that.  It has always and only been about them.  The U.S. likes to act as if we don’t have our own regime.

The cauldron boils down to this question that white folks can only answer, that spurs all of this debate and incenses such a heated argument from both sides. “What if there weren’t any police?”  To many blacks, we’ve already known or heard of or been acutely aware that there was some form of presence in place meant to keep us “in line”; they’re known by other synonyms as “Overseers, straw-bosses or aptly known now as the police.”  We have been policed and corralled in ghettos since our arrival onto this continent; from the cotton fields, to the prisons, to the streets we help pave, to the ones our sons and daughters are losing their lives upon.

Now, if a white person answered the same question, posed with the idea that we prosecute corrupt police and department-heads, that the backlash would come back to them as hot grits on Al Green, excruciatingly painful, therefore, at all costs, that must not happen; some bad apples are tolerable compared to the possibility of a world without them – it would be Gotham City.

Therein lays the crux to the problem that must be solved for both parties to come to an agreeable compromise.  How to incentivize good behavior from officers and weed out the rotten apples without causing a dissent amongst the officers and experiencing anarchy in our streets?  Before that happens, white people will continue to turn a wide-open eye and see blacks being slaughtered because the consequences to them speaking out against these injustices just might come home to roost.  The same as with slavery and the abolitionist; fear of losing their lives or their property, outweighed the lives of the slaves whose lives didn’t matter anymore than a dead dog. #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

Black folks… White people aren’t going to be able to solve our problem(s) for us; they never have, because they can never understand our plight and what it is, and what it was, to be a black person in the world, not just America.

The wheel was invented out of necessity.  Whenever a great achievement is made, it has been out of necessity.  That is where we are – The Era of Necessity.

Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the traffic sign.  Fred Jones, developer of refrigeration for trucks, Daniel Hale Williams, pioneer of Open Heart Surgery and the list goes on and on.

If we are going to survive this system, then we are going to have to find another “invention” that will save the lives of our people.  We are going to have to come together to find another alternative to us being “policed”, while others are being “serviced or aided” – there is a difference.  Body Cameras on the Boys in Blue are either being shut off when the crime is being committed or the live feed plays, showing a murder in progress by an officer; and nothing still hasn’t been done to curb the tension; in all actuality, it’s heightened.  To them, it’s one less of them that we have to worry about policing.  The entire country is nothing more than an expanse of Master’s plantation and anywhere we step is out of bounds, if we find ourselves being questioned or apprehended – We are guilty until found innocent.

The Men in Black are sitting ducks.  Hunting isn’t a sport; it’s survival of the fittest from the animal’s perspective.  We are being hunted down as escapees from the plantation, for stepping across the gun-line and for being born the color that we are.  The form of freedom papers that will give us any kind of a chance of pseudo freedom is – Money.    If you get too uppity, you could still lose your life, but it tends to buy freedom to roam about under the guise that you are free.  Freedom and Emancipation are two sides of a coin – Whites are free, Blacks are emancipated; we were liberated, therefore not entitled to the same rights of the Constitution because it wasn’t written with our rights in mind.  The same as Donald Trump wanting to close the borders because this is their country and they allow who they want in and when you get in – act accordingly or else.

Our deliverance came at a cost once before of blood, sweat, tears and PRAYER!  God is the same, yesterday, today and forevermore.  Prayer will be the catalyst to have the answer of invention needed, to come to a resolution to save our race as a people.  God has already brought us a mighty long way; we just have to continue to trust in Him to bring us all the way.

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