Act Like A Lady… Think Like a Woman of God. “Take It Like A Man!”

Act Like A Lady… Think like a Woman of God.  “Take It Like A Man!”

As women we cause ourselves much unnecessary grief when it comes to how we act vs. how the think. We want to be treated like a lady but also run the show.  It doesn’t work like that ladies…   At all times, and I cannot express strongly enough that we must remain in a woman’s place.  Yes, we do have a place.  If you find fault with that, then that’s your first issue that needs to be addressed.

Secondly, we are the weaker vessel that God created – equal but created and meant to be cared for; and if a man doesn’t do it, God will and he will find one to be his surrogate here on Earth, if you trust him to be God of and in your life.  We have to always find ourselves in the ready position of submission, whether it is to God or to our husbands.  When and if the time comes when your husband is lacking in duty, then God will step up to take his place; and that is when the Lady begins to start thinking like a Woman of God.

Women who think women of God, who want to be nurtured and cared for, tends to get what it is that God intended for her to have – a provider in every sense of God’s Word.  If you want to Act Like A Lady and Think Like A Boss, then that is what you will be – doing it all by yourself.  When you are the boss, the onus is on you to care for household.  Now you wonder why the load has shifted and you are the one carrying all of the weight.  When we get out of order, those who are in order get served first.

God has got to honor his Word when it comes to us.  Ruth, Esther, The Woman with the issue of blood, the Siro-Phoenician Woman, The Widows, Rahab the Harlot, Mary Jesus’ Mother, Mary Magdalene and the list goes on and on.  Whether married or not, it’s our relationship to the Father that delegates how well we are kept.  Women, who follow after God, get God’s divine protection.  If your husband isn’t lining up to what God decreed that a man should do and to be regarding being the Head of the Household, then God will either correct the man or remove him from the situation.  Allow God to do what he does best and all by himself – Be God!  There is nothing more that he wants to be in your life.

God’s Word is what it is… His and you can either align yourself with it or suffer the consequences.  “Women are out here getting it just like the men”.  Kudos to you!  They are getting those men problems as well.  If you want to act like a man, then God will allow you to be treated like one as well.  Men are built to a different spec than we are as women.  They are constructed to bear a load that is different from ours.

Money is not power – it’s a tool.  A woman who has more money than their man; that doesn’t institute a shift in power, in fact, the real power will come to a woman who has more money but still submits to the will of her husband.  God honors those who honor him in spite of their current predicament.  Do you serve the money or do you serve God?  The blessings that accompany the money will be that of family, covering, honor and favor.  Do you want all God’s blessings or just the money?  Some might say, “Just give me the money”, and I guarantee that’ll be all you get.  Peace, joy, and fulfillment; these don’t come from the money but from the Father, the money is the gravy… If you don’t have the accouterments of what a blessed life should reflect after chasing the money, chase after something else, the one whom all blessings flow.

We wanted both to do and to be treated as men, and he gave us just what we were asking for, and we cannot have it both ways.  We stress more than men, more women are single and doing things on their own and if we do have a so-called man, we are working more than they are.  You’re right – there aren’t any good men anymore because we’ve created the environment that we don’t need them, so God took them away.  The few that are out there should be treated as endangered species because they are – they are rare find.  We have devalued what a good man is.  We don’t know what a good man looks like because we haven’t seen one in like forever!  It’s crazy!

Women pack the church and pray to God for a “good Godly Man” and then when we get a good prospect, we chump him or emasculate him, then tell him to be a man.  Why (We), are man enough or so we thought, for the both of you.

You can’t cheat the game – you can’t cheat God.  He designed the game called Life that each of us has the same even chance at Winning.  Don’t allow seeing women of power taint your walk with God and what it is that you can expect from him.  You can expect that he will do his part.  We just have to be willing to do ours.

I don’t care about flak from this post, I care about women getting all we came into this world to possess and that is life more abundantly.  If we aren’t going to go after everything that God has said that we could have, then what’s the point?

If you are a reader of the Bible, you will come across a myriad of passages that make you squirm or challenge your beliefs. But, at the end of the day, God’s Word will still stand whether or not we want to conform to it or not.

I am just one of those crazy kooks that believe that if I do what his Words says, then I will get what his Word says that we can have.

There is only one time that a woman should man-up, and that’s by taking what I’ve just said and “Take it Like A Man!”

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