Good Mourning to You…


Good Mourning to You…

Death is necessary – it’s a part of life; and without death there cannot be any renewal of life.  Death of a thing figuratively can be a good thing – a spiritual cleanser.  Death can bring clarity because of its finality component.  After death, there is no more; we’re all out of chances – only the judgment remains.   And it makes us realize what’s truly important to in this life.  We say with our mouths that “God is important to us in the next life”, but what about this one?  What can you live with and what can you live without?  One thing I know emphatically is that I cannot live without God in my life.

In a life devoid of death, there cannot be a Resurrection.  The power is in the resurrection, our comeback, our perseverance, our hope and our promises for both this life and the next are all in Christ’s Resurrection.  In him we live and in him we die, and to know him in the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffering, being conformed to his death.  This is where we gain the power to succeed in any area of our life, by dying to ourselves, and what we think that we need in order to live a life of power, when in all actuality, all we need is to want more of him.  In him we live, move and have our being.

Something must die for it to be resurrected.  We must die to ourselves and to our own ways, in order that we can live and live more abundantly.

The Resurrection will always bring on-lookers, doubters, naysayers, bystanders, a few believers, and those who simply don’t understand what is taking place.

Just know that mourning will come, it visits everyone, but with each mourning – new mercies.  Trust that God will not take or require anything from you that you will need for the journey, and for where you are going.  If he tells you to leave it, her, him, them, they, and those; then it isn’t desperately needed as you once thought and if he asks you for it, then he has something better that will replace whatever was lost.

So let this day be a Good Mourning to You…

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