I Approve This Message…

I Approve This Message…

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of getting high and then crashing back down to reality as meteor entering into the Earth’s atmosphere; burnt up and burnt out.  Oh you get high!  If you are a believer, you do it all the time; you hear a word and it ignites you, and you get there… Ahhhh… That’s the feeling, that’s the toke we were waiting for because truly, no one or nothing can do you like Jesus.  And one hit just won’t do, we have to keep coming back.

Boom! Now we are hooked.  The Preacher-Man has us snared and some medications are indeed legal but are they good for us?  All they need is a pulpit or street-corner; heck, now all one needs to do is to go live and they have a new congregant of faithful users; there is no over-head cost, no packaging, no start-up out-of-pocket expenditures – straight profit.  It’s almost as it seems, they’re the middle-man between us and God, and what we need to get our fix.  No wonder the dope game so flooded right now with the preachers of the Gospel… The right block, in the right hood can mean a congregation of junkies who just want the fix and not the cure in Christ.

There is but one mediator between us and what we need and he is Christ Jesus.  So much convolution as to whether we can “Block our own blessings” vs. being told “What God has for you is for you and no one can do anything about it”, Huh? Which is it? Tends to make people who are already on the fringes to steer clear of what we seem to not understand totally ourselves, as people who know The Way, The Truth and The Life.

We must get off the dope and deal with life one day at a time and take our rehabilitation seriously, our sobriety in God clear-headed and free of all stimulants and/or depressants.  Going Cold-Turkey is hard but necessary to hear God clearly, no trippin’ and wondering whether it was God or the dopamine talking to you.

There will always, always be a need for Preachers, Pastors, Bishops, and Evangelists because God’s Word says, “How can we hear without a Preacher?” but he also instructs and admonishes us to seek him out for ourselves and he would lead us.

Get to know God for yourself.  Be your own pusher.

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