Be An Olympian…

Be An Olympian…

We can only beat our own best time.  The only one that we are in competition with is ourselves; the others in the race don’t matter.  Each of us has our own individual race to run, our own lane to stay in; which is hard to do in-and-of-itself, let alone worrying about what another is doing and how fast or slow they are going.

Focus on the outcome, self-determination and perseverance in the Word of God is the only way that any believer will cross the finish line.  We all got entered into the race when we were birthed into this world – there was no choice given – until now.  We have the choice, the ­free-will to choose to stay in the race or forfeit.

Gold, Silver or Bronze – They are only the emblem that represents that you were in the race; that you made the attempt to be the best in the world.  Our country is the Kingdom of God and we are his representation here on Earth and we want to show that our God is the best in the World.

Take pride in your walk with God.  Remember that you not only represent you but for both God and Country.



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