No Haggle Pricing… Name Your Price!

No Haggle Pricing…  Name Your Price!

Most of us layman loath the trip to a used or even new car dealership while looking for a way of transportation.  If we could only sniff the new car smell from viewing via online our lives would be so much less hectic.

Maybe they should invent a simulated test-drive experience that incorporates spritzing a mist ever so often of a burst of new car scent to simulate the experience that we would normally get, so we still get that intoxicating aroma that incapacitates us from making sound decisions and good judgments; sans the dreaded sales-man, sales-pitch and sales-trap.

Uggghhh!!! We know once we hit the lot they on us like flies on stink.  So, we gird up and get our game face on, speeches ready and our final price that we are not willing to be negotiated from and then find ourselves signing a contractual agreement that leaves us feeling robbed and un-savvy as a negotiator -People who have the propensity to haggle, bargain, negotiate, quibble, or wrangle also have the tendency not to truly be able to afford what it is that they are haggling for.

Sure, we don’t want to be taken to the cleaners or had for that matter, but those who have the capability to get the vehicle displayed on the showroom floor don’t tend to haggle, instead they sign and drive-OFF!  Or it’s delivered to their front door; and all kinds of perks and extras are thrown in at no additional cost to them because they are valued.

Jesus said that He has already paid it ALL!  So then why are you negotiating with what is being offered to you either spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially or socially?  The owner of the dealership doesn’t discuss price.  Jesus didn’t negotiate with the enemy, He just took the keys.

God’s word says, “Jesus paid the sin-debt in full”.  Stop Haggling over what already belongs to you and walk in this life like you own it.

Jesus admonished us to “Ask what we will in His name, and He would do it, so that the Son could bring glory to the Father”.

Some names thrown down at dealerships don’t even require a signature, they just SPEAK THE WORD ONLY and what they desire is there’s – And the perks… and the extras…

God says, “Name your price.”

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