Rape or Reap? Word Jumble… What’s a Word to You?

Rape or Reap… Word Jumble – What’s A Word to You?

Heaven to a chief sinner like me would’ve seemed an impossibility, had I not found redemption through Christ Jesus.

The same can be said for the promises of God, which at times can seem so impossible that they rape the spirit of all hope.  What may have seemed to be impossible is indeed made possible through our belief in Jesus Christ.

The same thing that was sent to kill you can make you stronger.  Only the blood and belief in and of Jesus Christ can transcend death and bring our spirit back to life.

We will rape reap if we faint not.  The miss-spelling of how we view our life can leave our spirit dyslexic.

Don’t get so scrabbled in your faith walk that you forget how to spell J.E.S.U.S.!

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2 thoughts on “Rape or Reap? Word Jumble… What’s a Word to You?”

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