When Life Gets Slippery… Hold Onto the Water!!!

When Life Gets Slippery… Hold onto the Water!

I saw a meme today that made me laugh and after I stopped laughing I began to think – Truth and revelation will do that to you.

It said, “I nearly slipped in the shower and I tried to hold onto the water”.  Quite honestly as I type this, I find myself still tickled at the thought because we have all had that nearly damn-neared my own self that time moment.

The shower is one place to have that type of mishap but what about our faith-walk?  We at times are in that exact same situation when it comes to how we trust Jesus to bring us out, take us through and carry us into.

The water will save you if you grab a hold to it.  Our tears, our bellies that is full of living water, the drink that Jesus offered that would quench our thirst forever…  When Jesus was pierced in his side, what came out was blood and water – the blood cleansed and the water washed away our sins.

Sometimes the thing meant to kill you will make you stronger.  Water can catch you, it will save you; all you have to do is grab onto it and trust the God of the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans to guide the currents of your life and bring you ashore to your expected end.



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