Anointed For A Purpose…

Anointed For A Purpose…

When he touched my hands, at first it shocked me and brought me out from the place where at times that I could remain forever… in his presence.  My eyes were closed tightly and I opened them immediately, but he had moved on to the person beside me, who I can only assume was there for the same reason that I was kneeling and being anointed with oil… the blessing of the Lord.

What would make the Pastor touch my hands of all the things to touch?   I had never had anyone to do that but then again, I don’t allow many to lay hands upon me, because spirits and the spiritual world are nothing to play around with.

I was snatched out of the zone and at first I felt I had been shafted!  I was saying to him within myself, “You didn’t put the oil in the right place, you didn’t touch my forehead!”  But, who was I to tell the one doing the anointing on where to put the oil?  I was the one there kneeling, in the need of prayer and the anointing.

Then I thought… This spiritual world truly is something amazing because I hadn’t told the Pastor that God had laid it upon my heart to be a writer/author, to his glory; and for this man, this servant of God to do something that he hadn’t done before to me, because he has anointed me before… but upon my forehead.  And then the next people after me, to anoint their forehead as most Pastors do; I knew that my anointing had been ordered and instructed by God.  I had my own (Genesis 48:5) When Jacob blessed Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh, the younger over the elder, but Joseph switched his Father’s hands and attempted to correct him, but Jacob knew what he was doing; and switched them right back.  But then I didn’t want to be jilted like Esau and Jacob and have someone get my birthright (Genesis 25:31).

How blessed I am to have God show up in a direct manner concerning my anointing, my blessing, and in my life in such a manner… How can I doubt that I have been called, just because I have had to wait a few years? If I needed a sign, a clearer one couldn’t have been sent.  God knew the exact area that I would need to be strengthened. I have written since my youth but my writing took on a new life – with power and without growing weary.  To do the work of the Lord, we must have the anointing or else we would wear ourselves out in our own power.

God brought this day back to my remembrance when I thought about how David had been anointed years before he would ever become King of Israel.  I ruminated had he gone through the same anxieties that I have, had experienced – will it ever come to pass?

When I got up from the cushioned altar, I was rubbing my hands in expectancy of what was next to come; and it was back to tending the Father’s sheep… or rather working my accounts, but still working them to the glory of God and it has blessed my soul to grow and mature spiritually – they are his sheep.

If God hasn’t brought “it” to pass, then I am still being trained and prepared for the promotion that God has for me.  Until then, a tending I go…

I just wanted to let God know that I remember… I am glad I remember and I have found strength in the remembrance.  Thank You Father.  Amen.



Liberty! So, is it for all or not?

Liberty!  So is it for all or not?

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
with silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


Am I A Hypocrite? “A Taste of My Own Medicine… And I Don’t Like It!”

Am I A Hypocrite? “A Taste of My Own Medicine… And I Don’t Like It!”

I’ve written a book about it, calling out others, patting the mat and asking them to step onto it; thinking that I was David hearing defiling words coming out from the mouth of Goliath on that fateful fortieth day of the standoff.  Like he I was minding my business doing what my Father had told me to do, go feed my brethren; and I overheard some who I took as uncircumcised Philistines and I said that I would go!

Sure the giant I was sent out to defeat would fall not because of my hands but because I thought I was coming out in the name of the Lord of Host, and now I am wondering if I am a Hypocrite because the same things that I have been calling others to the mat about are the same things that I secretly and oftentimes proudly boast that the Lord would do on behalf of me and my family’s life.

Am I any different?  What will I do any differently, say any different, had I had the same opportunity; the world’s ear and the nations stage as a platform to disseminate what thus saith the Lord?  When I complete my self-examination after asking God for the wisdom and the understanding of that wisdom; if you know like I know, he will turn the magnifying glass around on to you because he needs no examination, the fault, foolishness or folly always lies somewhere inside; and the objects always appear to be larger than what was originally sought out.

Just when you think that you have it together, is when God shows up to remind us that we fall short of his glory and no one person has all the answers.

I never once offered up the vow of poverty, in fact, I am downright indignant about any child of God accepting anything less than blessings-upon-blessings, so for Pastors and Preachers alike to be blessed in what I deemed excess, and that is what I am currently and have been for quite some time being waiting to be poured out of Heaven’s Window.  Have I drunken the Aid – the Hater-Aid?

Lord knows that I don’t want the spirit of covetousness to rise up in me because I have been made to wait.

The question still looms as I write this post… “What would I do any differently?” Sadly at this time, I cannot answer my own question and quite possibly the reason that the blessing tarry.

No one ever likes taking a dose of their own medicine but sometimes it is needed and necessary to become well, and there is nothing more that I desire than to be well in all things concerning the Lord’s will for my life.  Gulp! Gulp, Gulp!  God can’t heal what we don’t reveal or have the revelation of that which is making us sick.

God show me what it is that YOU would have me to do any differently.  Not my will but your will be done, and to your Glory Father.

“Ain’t No Fun When The Rabbit Got The Gun!” Chickens Coming Home To Roost… Dinner is served… You have a choice of “Chicken or Rabbit”

“Ain’t No Fun When The Rabbit Got The Gun!” Chickens Coming Home To Roost…

Dinner is served… You have a choice of “Chicken or Rabbit”

Is that what frightens you and keeps you up at all hours of the night; the idea that the Golden Rule would be done unto, what you have done to others; could you blame the karma or the justice – whatever your beliefs?

There’s a saying, “It Ain’t No Fun When The Rabbit Got The Gun!” meaning that when the tables are turned or the playing field suddenly becomes even, the folks who originally had the advantage, don’t tend to care for the same thing that they were uncaringly aiming at others, they now want precaution taking while there’s a new gunslinger in town; that kettle not black enough yet?  Your coffers aren’t full enough yet?  Your generations aren’t taken care of for generations current and into perpetuity yet?

You took the proverbial “cookies” of slaves for generations and now when a few black men choose to do what was done unto there ancestors, just take what was supposed to be off-limits, there are those who find fault.

Does the thought of a black man possessing those things that once were only the privilege of a few let alone white, just white rub you the wrong way – Why? You are either going to have to deal with the chicken or the rabbit.  Which one do you want at your table tonight; because one of them is coming…


Incredible. God. Double Positive – Positive Vibes Only…

Incredible. God. – Double Positive – Positive Vibes Only…

  • Definition of Incredible: Impossible to believe. Difficult to believe
  • Definition of God : Incredible

We cannot figure out who God is, and that is why so many have a problem with trusting in Him.  God is a Double Positive.  He is both God and he is also Incredible.  And yes, sometimes the things he says and does are difficult to witness and to believe.

There are a lot of things that come up in our lives that make us question whether God exists or even cares about what we are going through and that is when our faith counters and says that although I cannot understand what God is doing, I am not supposed to, because He is God Almighty; and I trust him.  Negative vibes will surely come but that is when you tell them that you receive Positive Vibes Only…

When you have an issue with definition number two; just remember that definition number one answers your doubts and fears.  Trust him to be Incredible in your life.


For Your Name’s Sake Only…

For Your Name’s Sake Only…

June 1, 2009… That was the day that I posted my first-ever blog posting.  It’s been seven years, and that’s crazy to me, because they have passed by like time meandering around a lazy river on a floating device – wild and free, but guided direction – it’s meant to auto-correct and get you to your destination, at a certain pace.

I cannot help but wonder if this post is too bold and am I “calling you out” AND IT FRIGHTENS ME!

Because who am I, to question the Great I Am – and to question the thoughts and intentions towards me that I know that are good?

To speak to you makes me wonder should I take off my shoes because wherever you are speaking is hallowed ground, so I dare not come to you with a boldness as if I by some right other than in the Righteousness of Christ, that I could easily be struck with leprosy, blindness, disease of any manner or worse – death.

What I get to do is a privilege and a most humbling experience but I also must not allow it to go to my head nor allow it to prompt me to think more higher than myself than I ought or think that I am more ready to be at a certain level or platform than you have called me to be.

Years of blood, sweat and tears with hardly a peep from a reader; not to fail to mention a comment of encouragement nor even of discouragement; at least I would know someone was interested or reading it.

But, nevertheless, I have kept my hand to the plow Lord; and I will continue to do so.  No one knows of the boxes and bags full of writings from years back even further.

Of course I can’t help but to wonder if I write in vain or in vanity.  Yes, I do want to be read, heard, interpreted, dissected, understood, misunderstood, encouraged, quoted, enraged but most of all to lead some(one), many or a few to walk closer with you and get to know the God of my salvation through my life, my life’s journey and by what I may have to say.

The Bible has already been written, it’s replete and more than enough.  I just want to do my part in spreading your gospel – “Tis Truly Is Good News!”

Give me the continued strength to do it in the shadows, without recognition, without the pat-on-the-back, the Atta girl, or the slightest clue whether or not I make a difference.  If I am still writing, then I must be doing something right.


The Struggle Is Real…

The Struggle Is Real…

Lord knows that there are many desires within my heart and they aren’t buried deep, many are shallow and can be dug up by a puppy.  I have hopes, desires and dreams that require that they be done here, while on earth, not in the great by-and-by; and it’s okay to have those dreams as long as I keep perspective as to who produces those blessings in my life.  They don’t come by happenstance, by might nor by power but by God’s spirit because I trust in him to provide as does his word say that he would.

It’s a daily struggle to not put the cart before the horse and try to out maneuver God on this chess game called life.  He created me and you, the pieces on the game-board of the world; you can maneuver all you want but in the end, he will get the check-mate.

Give God the credit as being the Father of all to give you the balance needed to live a fulfilled life.  And not a life where you are just chasing all the silver and gold and all that can be possessed, only to find they’re empty trinkets, but also that you just don’t crawl up in a monastery and wait for the rapture without having experienced this life that he took the time to speak into existence for you to enjoy.

There is no escaping what life can and will do to all that pass this way… The struggle is real… But to learn to trust in the God of creation and to learn his ways, precepts, concepts, laws, judgments, statutes, oracles, prophesies, deliverance, blessings and most of his love through Jesus Christ – we do him a disservice and we are in disingenuous as to who we are in Christ and who Christ is to us as Lord and Savior.