So, So Very Close…

So, So Very Close…

I know one thing… I’m so sick of being told that my victory is close and to not give up.  What about you?  People are dying every day, people that I know who heard the same message and they didn’t appear to have reached nearly as many goals and dreams that I have already accomplished and they are up out of here!  What hope do I have to keep on believing?

I can see how others outside of the faith can question ours that are within or those within can harbor secretly a sense of skepticism, of whether they really believe and are in faith.  If you are a Christian and haven’t reach that point, that place when you have come to the end of your rope and then end of your faith, then I am wondering are you truly in search of the Truth, The Way and The Life; that trinity is better known to us as The Word aka Christ Jesus.  If it’s not about knowing him, the reason for being a Christian, then what are you in, a social club?

How long is how long?  No one knows that answer but God and that is why we stick it out, where else do we have to go because once you hear the truth, then we know that we have actually heard the truth and therefore, there is nowhere to return to; all we can do is sojourn through.  And we discover that his word is more truth because it tells us that we are unable to make it through in our own strength; that it must be by his spirit, and might nor power will suffice – in others words, we have to stay with him in order for the word to work on our behalf.

Nope, it’s not a trick; it’s the trying of our faith; it’s the truth and many of us cannot handle the truth when given to us tartar, in blood raw form.  To trust God to the end is rare, but rarity is highly valuable, priceless really and I want to be that to God, a rare find, “No not even in all of Israel”, is what he spoke of the Centurion.

I am not one of authority, in fact I sit up under authority and have all of my life, so I don’t have that hands-on experience to tell one to go and they follow.  My testimony isn’t to have been in the first century church to have seen Jesus open blind eyes or raise the dead, but I have seen him do wonders in my life and that of my family and I have read his word that admonishes me that for my belief in him and having not seen those things first hand, that greater lies in-store for me.  I have to continue on until so, so close becomes my first hand-experience with the King and I dare not give up now, because just when I think that it will never happen.  Boom! Another door that was locked comes tumbling down.



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