That’s What They Say…

That’s What They Say…

It’s not what “they” say about you; it’s in fact what God has already said about all who believe in him.  And then what comes next is what “you” say about you that matters when it is all said and done.

Who are you going to run and tell that someone spoke against you that really and truly care?  No one really cares, to be honest, God doesn’t want to hear some he said, she said; because he is asking you “What did I say about you?”

God doesn’t speak in the language of hearsay and gossip and neither should you; especially when it comes to who you are, who we are in him.  His word is forever and whatever his word says about those that believe on him, and in him, are the only words that we need to concern ourselves with and to repeat.

Let them say what they will, you just speak his will over your own life and what “they” say won’t even matter.



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