No Snatching!

No Snatching!

Remember when you thought you were ready to lose your virginity and then realize that you gave up your most precious gift to a person unworthy to receive such a gift; and it’s irrevocable, there are no do-overs. Or that time when you said, “Let me see what all the hype is about weed, only to find that there are gateways, highways, byways, beltways and expressways to paths that we didn’t truly want to travel down; and some still haven’t found their way back.  Some decisions are forever and we don’t have anyone to blame but ourselves; it’s not that God was saying, “I told you so”, but he did, “Tell us so”.

When we are attempting to snatch what God is keeping from us like a hyper-active Jack Russel Terrier attempting to take the chew-toy from his master’s hand, we must be careful to trust that whatever it is that God’s is keeping away, we must allow him to keep, because we don’t know what else is lying in wait behind what we think is the fun.

Snatching is rude and secondly, snatching what doesn’t belong to you, just might get you something that you really don’t want.

Most of my life, even when I was simply hoping, not even in God but just a hope that things would work out, they somehow did – When I knew that God was specifically keeping something from me and I told him to give it to me or I snatched it from his hand, I always got more than what I was looking for and it never turned out to be all that it was cracked-up to be; some decisions nearly cost me my life and it is only by and through his grace that I am here to give a testimony today.

Pray for the strength to wait upon the Lord and to only want what he has readied to give you.



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