For Your Name’s Sake Only…

For Your Name’s Sake Only…

June 1, 2009… That was the day that I posted my first-ever blog posting.  It’s been seven years, and that’s crazy to me, because they have passed by like time meandering around a lazy river on a floating device – wild and free, but guided direction – it’s meant to auto-correct and get you to your destination, at a certain pace.

I cannot help but wonder if this post is too bold and am I “calling you out” AND IT FRIGHTENS ME!

Because who am I, to question the Great I Am – and to question the thoughts and intentions towards me that I know that are good?

To speak to you makes me wonder should I take off my shoes because wherever you are speaking is hallowed ground, so I dare not come to you with a boldness as if I by some right other than in the Righteousness of Christ, that I could easily be struck with leprosy, blindness, disease of any manner or worse – death.

What I get to do is a privilege and a most humbling experience but I also must not allow it to go to my head nor allow it to prompt me to think more higher than myself than I ought or think that I am more ready to be at a certain level or platform than you have called me to be.

Years of blood, sweat and tears with hardly a peep from a reader; not to fail to mention a comment of encouragement nor even of discouragement; at least I would know someone was interested or reading it.

But, nevertheless, I have kept my hand to the plow Lord; and I will continue to do so.  No one knows of the boxes and bags full of writings from years back even further.

Of course I can’t help but to wonder if I write in vain or in vanity.  Yes, I do want to be read, heard, interpreted, dissected, understood, misunderstood, encouraged, quoted, enraged but most of all to lead some(one), many or a few to walk closer with you and get to know the God of my salvation through my life, my life’s journey and by what I may have to say.

The Bible has already been written, it’s replete and more than enough.  I just want to do my part in spreading your gospel – “Tis Truly Is Good News!”

Give me the continued strength to do it in the shadows, without recognition, without the pat-on-the-back, the Atta girl, or the slightest clue whether or not I make a difference.  If I am still writing, then I must be doing something right.



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