The Struggle Is Real…

The Struggle Is Real…

Lord knows that there are many desires within my heart and they aren’t buried deep, many are shallow and can be dug up by a puppy.  I have hopes, desires and dreams that require that they be done here, while on earth, not in the great by-and-by; and it’s okay to have those dreams as long as I keep perspective as to who produces those blessings in my life.  They don’t come by happenstance, by might nor by power but by God’s spirit because I trust in him to provide as does his word say that he would.

It’s a daily struggle to not put the cart before the horse and try to out maneuver God on this chess game called life.  He created me and you, the pieces on the game-board of the world; you can maneuver all you want but in the end, he will get the check-mate.

Give God the credit as being the Father of all to give you the balance needed to live a fulfilled life.  And not a life where you are just chasing all the silver and gold and all that can be possessed, only to find they’re empty trinkets, but also that you just don’t crawl up in a monastery and wait for the rapture without having experienced this life that he took the time to speak into existence for you to enjoy.

There is no escaping what life can and will do to all that pass this way… The struggle is real… But to learn to trust in the God of creation and to learn his ways, precepts, concepts, laws, judgments, statutes, oracles, prophesies, deliverance, blessings and most of his love through Jesus Christ – we do him a disservice and we are in disingenuous as to who we are in Christ and who Christ is to us as Lord and Savior.



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