Self-Help – Self-ccessful – Talk Isn’t Cheap… Apparently!

Self-Help – Self-ccessful-Talk Isn’t Cheap… Apparently!

A billion dollar marketplace – the Self-Help industry… Have you ever wondered why?? Why do many who can barely make ends meet continually through their hard-earned money after those who just penned a book on Self-Help, who often time haven’t given you anything substantial but rather just a bunch of cliché’s to quote? Many of whom don’t follow any of the rules that they admonish us to “live” by, in order to have success.

All of this so-called “Help” that is being dispensed, consumed and disseminated, yet people still find themselves “A day late and a dollar short, “Unsuccessful and miserable”, and “Bamboozled”.

But all that was aforementioned isn’t the kicker!  The kicker is that “We” get blamed if the “Help” doesn’t pan-out to be all that was touted.  However, let the author tell it, if done to their specifications – success is guaranteed.

Sometimes rules aren’t meant to be bent, broken or not adhered at all; no one knows all the variations and dynamics that come along with living other than God. No one person has all the answers, not all of the self-help books combine can do for us what God has already given us for success; and it’s prescribed in his Word called the Bible.

They instruct us on not being afraid, to take a chance, and to just do it.  But what if we are truly not afraid but truly just don’t know what to do next or how to implement when there aren’t any funds or sponsors.  Many would take a chance, not necessarily needing to know the outcome – because we walk by faith, but don’t know whether to quit a job or stay put.  There are those who want to do it – heck something but they just don’t know what to put their energies into; some don’t have anything to spare losing taking chance, after chance – and not for lack of motivation or a willingness to succeed.

Everyone has something to tell you; and why you aren’t succeeding but nothing tangible to assist you in getting to that place of utopia that they are so exist and would be yours had you simply followed their lead.

Prime Example: James 2:16 And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?

We are like swine fattened up for the slaughter.  We are hungry so we eat, gorge and fill up on slop.

How many have that relationship, the finances, the friendships and the life that are promised in all those books?  Not many I can say simply by the number of books continuously being sold and the newest Best Sellers that knock-out each other time after time.  How many will you continue to purchase and fill-up your personal library, before you realize that if you started saving the money used to by self-help books, you might have the surplus needed to actual start out on the journey that you seek to find.

God is still well-able to get those of us who believe in his Word to get us exactly where we want and need to be.  Some get there later than others but if you know anything about God, you know that his time is not our own but when we trust him, it works out completely for our good.

Stop allowing others to make up the rules for you to follow as they go along and know that if it wasn’t for God’s grace, they wouldn’t have accomplished anything either.

There is somebody, plenty getting rich but it’s not the consumers but rather the talkers… Talk Isn’t Cheap, apparently it’s more lucrative than we could have ever imagined.



We “the” People vs. Us “THE” People… A Faust-hope

We “the” People vs. Us “THE” People… A Faust-hope

The Constitution of The United States is referred to with endearment as a “Living Document”; and if that truly be the case, then I can her death rattle.  It is gasping for its last breath and fighting for dear life.  In all actuality – it’s on life support.

It was apparent that “we” didn’t include “us”. While this document was being scripted; and although it was created with the concept in mind that it could be resurrected by future generations to become a better and renewed body of life, those inalienable rights have yet to be acted upon, even though it would be better for all that are living up under its broad pseudo-inclusive suggestion-able tone.  It’s never been a – we vs. us, but rather a “we” only.

The opposite of living is death… If the Constitution is no longer living, then there is only one thing left for it do to and that is to become deceased; and no longer of any consequence; especially if it is not serving the people that it was supposed to have been created for, or those grafted by ratification into by its amendments.

It’s a Faustian deal gone exactly as intentionally executed; power over beliefs, greed over honor; which normally ends bad and gives reason for eviction from the Garden of Eden.  America with all of her faults was still the best ticket in world to venture to.  And the way that our country is shaping up to be wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, discord and disagreement running amuck; we are being put on notice.

There is but one true Living Document, the one that breathed life into the Constitution itself – The Bible.  Until we uphold the truths that the Constitution drew through its nostrils; it is only but a matter of time before resuscitation will be of no effect and the date and time of death will be officially called.