Dr. Eyeball and A Sparrow’s Life…

Dr. Eyeball and A Sparrow’s Life…

There are reasons behind the reasons that we thought we knew… Nothing is by happenstance and nothing is wasted; and I Thank God for having been led to lead “A Sparrow’s Life”.

Our God doesn’t have a myopic view when it comes to viewing his promises to us; in fact, his foresight is futuristic and beyond compare or imagination; it’s our nearsightedness is what dims our view to his possibilities and we project that vision impairment onto God.

I was paid a visit today by Dr. Eyeball and it blessed my spiritual gaze to see that God even takes into consideration the periphery that we consider only to be static on our line of communication with him.  He was both a legend and celebrity figure while coming up the adolescent ranks to teenager at the coveted tween-and-teenager skating rank affectionately known to the residents of Duval County as Skate City.  It was a frequented haunt of those were trusted to stay out till midnight or later; or for those who bucked curfew and would deal with the consequences, and the ever-present thorn in the side of those who never ventured inside it’s halls with the wafting aromas of freshly popped corn or the soured dill of a pickle being crunched as they walked in circular motion around the outer track of the rink.

To post-up on the wood-paneled walls that lined the back walls that we narrowly made way through the throngs of kids just ecstatic to be within its bowels because the beast was thumping from the moment you entered its doors until the huge clock in the middle of the back wall that seemed to taunt you as the minutes ticked by that you wished you could stop struck midnight and like Cinderella, life as usual returned because your mother or adult figure who had been designated to either drop-off, pick-up or both was their like Johnny-on-the-spot parked in a line of other vehicles waiting to carpool several kids from every neighborhood across the county back home.  It was a rite of passage…

I remember the atmosphere, the vibes, the fights, the falls on skates, the prolific skaters and their routines and even Mike Jones with his Michael Jackson buttons that lined the lapel of his black trench coat, long before we feared and scorned the sight of a black trench coat in correlation with mass shootings; because I had heard from my sister and others of how awesome it was and would be when it was my turn to grace the halls; and because I was just thinking of all this just a couple of days ago.  And I  hadn’t been to Skate City in some twenty-plus years but two days ago I lounged in the idea of how the good ole’ days seemed demolished as the building that once had the huge Skate marquee that lit up the street and the hearts of all who entered.

It stopped in that latter years of being purely fun but fully real when Dr. Eyeball began carrying an uzzi assault weapon as both protection and a deterrent of violence.  Our innocence had once and for all being stolen by those who took the first life over some athletic shoes in our city, (not even Jordan’s).  Life would forever be changed… in the City… at the City.

So it was as much as a surprise when I saw Dr. Eyeball look down upon me as I climbed the stairs towards the door at work.  He was there early and I don’t like to deal or converse with customers before it was actually time for me to clock in but I was overtaken when I saw Dr. Eyeball staring down at me and not appearing to have aged since the last time that I laid eyes on him.  He was just as shocked to hear me say his stage name.  But once I had explained to him that I had just thought of everything aforementioned we had a good flash back on yesteryears and then God spoke to me and said that, just as no one knew of the thoughts I had pondered two days ago of Dr. Eyeball and Skate City, but here he was standing right before me front and center.  It is the same that he will do for me regarding the issues of my heart and that they will soon stand before me front and center because only he knows.

Thank God for his watchful eyes of this sparrow…  Going from 20+ years to 2 days… Seeing is believing…



20 Year Anniversay!!! Pardon Muah… Mazel Tov!

20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Pardon Muah… Mazel Tov!

Most blogs and publications have a celebratory issue for their tenured endurance known affectionately and aptly as an Anniversary.

For me, it’s been a 20 year courtship that only God can conjure and navigate…

The day that I picked up a pen to write God because I wanted to believe that “He” was all that he’d said in His Word, was the day that changed my life forever.

It was circa 1996, somewhere around October… Life had hit its lowest bedrock of foundation that I would have ever thought to experience but instead of ruminating why someone would offer me cocaine to sniff right on the dipper, I knew to say “No Thanks”, and instead of feeling ever-so depressed at my circumstances and decided to pick up a torn off piece of paper and begin to write and pour out to the one who I knew was God but hadn’t talked with him intimately in such a long time; it felt both natural and strange at the same time.  Had too much time elapsed and passed underneath the bridge? We had a teenage love a while back but now it was time for adult commitment and was I ready?  To get intimate with someone is grown folks business; and when you indulge in grown-up behavior, there comes responsibilities and a little not so something small – consequences.

The sheet of paper wasn’t any bigger than the palm of my hands but great rain and mighty blessings have poured out of that one slither of paper; and I have outran many chariots that have gone out before me because I have believed the Lord my God with all my heart, mind soul and spirit.

When I wrote that day, it was “me” saying to “me”, “That I was in search of a city whose builder and maker is God.”  And once I put my hands to that plow, to be in search of God, it has been a lifelong commitment to trust God in this life and it will open up the doorway to the next one.

There’s an old adage that says, “Once an adult and twice a child”, and that is one that applies to both the natural life and the spiritual.  If we are blessed to live to an age in life that we once again have to be cared for as we once were as a child; it lends itself to the idea that one has lived a lengthy life; while one can also say the same for spiritual longevity, to live this life long enough to be able to be as liken to a child as Jesus instructed and just believe him and to rely on him to be our caregiver.

When Abraham began his journey at the behest of God telling him to leave his kinsmen, from that moment on, he began a relationship and bond that gradually overtime and trials to bring him to the place that God originally told him that he could expect – Blessed and highly favored.  And it’s not the he didn’t encounter periods where his faith would be tried, proven and rewarded – it’s the playbook we all follow from the Father of the Faith.

Oh no… “I wouldn’t take anything for my journey”, and though at times arduous and dizzying, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if it hadn’t been for God and him hitting the reset button on his grace and mercy each morning, I would have been dead in my sins eons ago.

I am one of a few to have their daily walk with God documented and journaled because for the past 20 years, I have chronicled much of my life as I have walked with Christ to both encourage myself and its readers, and to bless God with the fruit of my remembrance of all that he has done over the course of my life.  My life is worth the spiritual papyrus I have cried out to God on, and he has inclined his ear to my supplications.

God honors time well spent; and it’s been roughly about 240 months, 1043 weeks, 7305 days and 175,320 hours of me saying to God, I want and choose to spend time with you and in your presence.

Remembering our first date like it was yesterday as he told me that day 20 years ago that he would never leave me, nor forsake me and he has kept his word to me.

We honor so many other dates and so I want to be sure to honor the year that I came to myself and back to God; and realized that I had lost all my substance 20 years ago and God brought to my remembrance Him – my Great Reward.  I just wanted to return back to him, as nothing but a servant, because I know that servants in his Kingdom were being treated better than I was outside of his will.  Once I set my mind to return to him, he welcomed me back as his child, restored and blessed and he did put a ring on my finger, shoes on my feet and a robe and says that he has a party planned for our Anniversary like I have never seen anything like and my anticipation is at its all-time highest.  Don’t mind me… I am just loving on the God of my salvation… Pardon Muah…

Happy Anniversary Father God, Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit,


I Love You! Muah! Mazel Tov!


Come Sit A Spell… Homogenized Freedom has an Expiration Date… …From Disenfranchised to Franchisee…

Come Sit A Spell…  Homogenized Freedom has an Expiration Date…

…From Disenfranchised to Franchisee…


It’s one thing to adhere to instructions or stay put in place when you are being restrained or forced to remain bound within certain structured parameters but what do you do when you are faced with the challenge of remaining still and no longer have boundaries set to restrain you?

Freedom can be tricky of sorts because freedom un-checked can lead some to arrogance and un­-able to self-check, and thusly lead to their self-destruction.

On one-hand, one would ascribe to the idea that if a person was blessed to be released from prison that the person would find freedom more appealing than that of incarceration but if that were the case, why do we have so many repeat offenders… Habitual is the colorful word they called that adds additional time to your sentencing.  The answer is a battle hard fought and even harder won in the mind.  Incarceration if meant to retrain the mind to think a different way supposedly… But it depends on the individual’s willingness to absorb the new way of thinking being presented, as well as what is actually being presented – sustenance versus garbage; even an animal recognizes the difference and will turn its nose up at the latter.

Another scenario… Freedom for blacks from slavery came as nothing short of a miracle of God and to call it anything other than that would be an insult to the grace and mercy of what God bestowed upon his children.  If we can see the God of Israel delivering his children from the hand of bondage, then surely we can lay ahold claim to that same deliverance, even if it is by being grafted in… In is in… even by the skin of teeth.

For all that blacks have endured, on another-hand; one would prescribe to the notion that freedom that came at such a high cost would be valued as priceless but it has been to most of the black community a bag full of fool’s gold and not anything of worth.  But, yet we are this country’s greatest commodity, has been and still is; and they know it but the sad part is that we don’t; and if we are astutely cognizant and aren’t doing anything to better our own cause, it’s not the man’s fault, it is our own.

Why are we the only people who hobble along on welfare crutches and Jesus told us to take up our bed and walk; and to cast aside that which props us up in place, only to have it kicked up from under us?  We keep offering up excuses as to why we didn’t make it into the pool while it was being stirred with the miracle of healing.  How much longer are we going to lay and wait for someone else to put us in, someone will always get there ahead of us, if we continue to wait for hand(s)outs.  There will always be a struggle to get ahead in this life, and others who skip in line, but that shouldn’t hinder our resolve and progress; especially when we have Jesus who inquires of us “Do we want to be made well?”

Homogenization of our Freedom with other classes of race has a date soon to expire and the thing that once was available to quench, grow and strengthen has now gone bad and will make you sick if you partake of it.

It doesn’t end there either… God always addresses the Church, his people to correct themselves first because as the church goes, so does the world.  We are the light on a hill, the beacon that guides sojourners safely on their trek of this life and to meet Christ along the way, through our guidance of our Daily Walk being on display for both individuals and the world to see alike.

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  Jesus is asking us what we are going to do with the freedom he presents to us.  No one is keeping us from getting all that God has for us, but can we “Sit a Spell” and wait on God even though we have the freedom to move about and do our own thing?  It is our God-given right to live out this life any way that we will, but the blessing for those that trust in Christ is to submit that will, your will to his, and walk in expectation that every promise in his Word belongs to you (us).  When are we going to stop being the disenfranchised and become franchisees of the plans and work of God?

Do we want what God has for us or not?  Or do we want hand-me-downs and government assistance and remain disabled and crippled? Medicare is going bankrupt and so is the race card… We’ve had a black President, our excuses have an expiration date and it’s due to expire soon.  One more stress fracture and this system as we know it will come crumbling down and the only one to reset that which is broken and restore strength is God, because He is our healer and our provider.

True Freedom is to say to God, “You have the freedom Father to do your will in my life”.


Who Will Do The Work?

Who Will Do The Work?

Have you noticed that our subjugation to “work” and the capacity therein hasn’t changed since the day that we set foot on colonial soil? Subservient to others for generations and that is the way that the system was set up to remain.

We have just meandered from the fields of cotton, rice and sugar cane (the muck down in South Florida is still going strong off the backs of blacks); to walking in through the front doors to clean the next generations houses, cook for them and their children via fast food because we are the populous majority of the fast-food class of workers.  Every menial form of employment is still filled by us.

Haven’t you noticed that we still provide their entertainment either via NBA, NFL or MLB; not to fail to mention boxing, golf, and now even Formula One racing?  We still do a ‘lil bit of soft-shoeing, Vaudeville black-face; and Step-N-Fetch ever-so-often when called upon to do so… (You know who you are)…

Everything that gives others meaning to their lives exist because “we exist”.

Welfare hasn’t been abolished because it’s the least that they can do – literally.  They want us to keep having babies, dead-beat dads or incarcerated men, because that keeps in line with the providing them with more free laborers.  They came up with a loophole since they weren’t able to take the cookies the way they once had free reign to run amuck through the literal hen-house of the slave quarters, to put it nicely.

If every black or brown walked out of their place of employment tomorrow, we would bring this economy to a screeching halt but un-healthy fear keeps us in place.

They already know who will do the work… We were brought here to do it and that is the very way they plan to keep it.  I can only shake my head in dismay that our current disposition is still only like a mural at the zoo, they may change the backdrop but we are still caged; only to go as far as they say that we can go, only to eat what they provide and live and die without ever having lived the full potential that God said that we could have in abundance; or at least pretend to be in the mural – running Free.

Aren’t we tired of wandering?  Sure, the manna was sufficient for the past few generations; and our clothes and shoes didn’t wear out, even during the marches and boycotts, but God said that there is milk and honey – just yonder over ‘dem ‘der hills! God delivered us out of the hands of Pharaoh several decades ago; if only our minds can experience such freedom.

Then… Work                                  Now… Work


Be Healthy… A Healthy Fear of It – Success!

Be Healthy… A Healthy Fear of It – Success!

Success comes from God, not of our own works, and those that walk with God understand what it is that I inferring.  Success encompasses so much more than the commas in your bank account.  And if success were all that was needed to be happy, then all the people who live above the poverty level would be significantly happier than those beneath it but that isn’t the case.  Because the rain falls on both the just as well as the unjust, and life is an equal opportunity distributor of both good and bad.

Just as we have the good sense to fear God, we should also learn to fear success.  Anything of God should be reverenced with a healthy fear.

I would love to say, “I am ready for success”, but I have the foresight to look out over the world and be cognizant that all who are supposedly “successful” can hardly handle it or are consumed whole by it.  Money is not success.  Success is when all God’s blessings are producing fruit in your life.  When the success that the Lord spoke to me comes to pass, I know that it will be a beast to place into submission; I have to break-it, as a wild animal is trained or else it be dominant over me.

Therefore, lay success at the feet of the one who guaranteed its success and fear that you have the wisdom and understanding to wield it as best to give God the Glory.

Joshua 1:8 This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

There it is, in the Lord’s words and not of my own.  It is God who makes us successfully healthy.


A Little Confession… Truth be told, it’s good for the Soul…

A Little Confession… Truth be told, it’s good for the Soul…

When you realize that you have been literally “walking” in error although you thought you were walking with God; it’s best to correct the error immediately in order to walk right with God.  And a little confession, truth be told – is always, always good for the soul.

I haven’t gotten personal in a while and I guess now is a better time than any.  Much of the time I speak in general public admonishment, but today I come humbly before God asking for his forgiveness regarding a personal matter.

What did I do to cause an offense?  I gave God’s glory to something else and it’s one of the worse offenses that we can commit when wanting to walk circumspectly before God.  None are perfect but we can stray off course, oftentimes, unaware but when he brings you front and center with the offense; the best thing to do is accept your wrongdoing in the matter and ask for forgiveness and keep on pressing.

That’s where many continue on the wrong course of action; reacting instead of halting all action until you get things back right with God.

My real reason why I was able to lose close to 80 pounds was because I first sought God.  You might be thinking, why do you have to confess that?  It’s because I was giving God second-hand credit when He should have received the credit first.  Had I not started chasing after God first, the initial pounds or any that followed would have not begun to shed; and instead of giving him all credit, I gave him some – after the fact.  I gave credit to eating better (and I did), but it was a result of first experiencing that the weight could come off simply by walking and having conversation with him.

I next gave credit to vitamin supplements that I was taking (and they did aid in giving me an energy), but had I not made up in my mind to pursue him through the vessel of walking and talking to him, I would have never gained the impetus to start moving my body in the first place.  I put profit before peace with God and I want to right that wrong by telling God that I confess publicly that I was wrong and ask to be made right in his sight.

The best thing that you can do for yourself and your soul is to want to be right with God to the best of your ability.  No one is perfect and God knows that already… He just wants us to fess-up about it for our own sake.


It Don’t Come Easy…

It Don’t Come Easy…

It doesn’t matter if you were born into poverty or with a silver spoon in your mouth; that which you desperately would have, somehow evades you.  It’s designed that way in order for us to seek out God, in  order for us to possess it.

Some would like to think that there is a system in place that is designed to keep a person or a group down, but those who believe and trust in the Lord know that “Good things take time”.

Peace isn’t inherited, peace isn’t able to be purchased, peace cannot be smoked, injected, snorted, inhaled or even created.  Peace is a gift of God should any man be able to boast, saying that it was given of or by them.  And without God, peace will elude you.

If we would only chase after God as we do people, success and the money, those things that we chase would chase us down and overtake us.

Why do we make seeking God hard, as if he cannot be found?  Nothing worth having is found outside of the grace of God.  The lover you seek could be sitting right next to you on a park bench but unless God reveals that to your spirit, you will aimlessly go throughout this life chasing one bad relationship after another. Or that business that you keep throwing good money after bad will ever-be that one big break, that one hand-shake away; and there you were standing in-line at the Starbucks behind the financier who could have given you the financial loan, had you not been rude to them when they bumped into you on their way out, but God could have provoked you to hold the door for them as they struggled with several cups of latte and cappacinos.  Only God drops those invaluable nuggets that only those with discerning spirits can detect; and not detect but act upon.

If you say that you trust God – Trust God.