“My Inkwell” Meet Me at the Well…


“My Inkwell” Meet Me At the Well…


Don’t let me leave this Earth without having seen your promise(s) to me come to pass.  You have inspired me with great ideas, thoughts, hopes, dreams and aspirations; through your Word and the word that I inspire within others.  And the possibilities are endless…

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul.”  In other words, with all that you got!  Without a heart we are dead.  If we lose our minds we are useless.  If we lose our soul we are spiritually deceased and sure enough a goner!

Every time I reach a point wherein I think that I haven’t a drop of spiritual ink left to write or utter a Word, God you find a way to renew my strength and I overflow from the inkwell that never runs dry from within.

I guess I just wanted to say Thank You for your faithfulness and to say Thank You for having chosen me and trusting me to finish my course strong and in longhand.

I Love You,



Now I understand my love for pens and writing instruments…  I am your pen, your instrument; and your spirit is the ink in my well.

The Montblanc is a must-have!



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